Can you buy XRP on Binance?

When you want to start trading then Binance is the site where you can easily sell, purchase, and trade cryptocurrencies. Also, you can hold XRP on Binance without any difficulty. Just by signing in to the account and then proceeding to purchase XRP.

A brief on XRP

A network where you can make payments digitally and deliver ideal exchange and asset remittance through the platform of decentralization, trying to procure effective banking services.

XRP utilizes an alternate alliance system to establish the transactions. It counts on an agreement protocol to approve the balances and exchanges and deter spending unnecessarily. There is instant confirmation and a small fee is charged. In case you transact on Ripple then you might be charged a fee on XRP in its local cryptocurrency. Moreover, XRP is used as the intermediary of trade between 2 assets or networks to stimulate an abrupt conversion and is utilized as a universal bridge currency within numerous fiat currencies. It is usable for investment on the exchange of Binance.

How to buy XRP on Binance:

There are three ways to purchase XRP on Binance:-

  • Buy XRP on Binance with Bank Transfer
  • Trade XRP
  • Buy XRP with credit card Binance

Can I buy XRP on Binance

Yes, you can buy XRP on Binance but make sure get Bitcoin, or Ethereum, in order to exchange for XRP. You will find different ways to purchase BTC and other cryptocurrencies using fiat. XRP needs to be stored in a good wallet.

Following are the steps to be followed in order to buy XRP with Binance:-

  1. Create a Binance account for Exchange

    Firstly, create a Binance account and this step is an important one because you can only buy XRP only if you have a Binance account.

  2. Verify the account

    Fill up the form to complete the registration process and also complete the verification process of the account. You can also use a temporary email if you do not want others to know you.  Verification of the account is a must so that the device learns that you are not a robot.

  3. Click on the Funds tab

    Next, proceed and tap on the ‘Funds’ tab. As you are signed in you need to transfer the cryptos to Binance. Head to the ‘Funds’  tab and tap on the ‘Deposits’ tab.

  4. Pick the cryptocurrency for depositing

    Now, move to tap on the drop-down menu to type BTC in the space provided.

    Binance here benefits digital currencies along with different tokens. Pick the currency as per your wish. You can select the best way to buy XRP with Binance using credit cards and debit cards.

  5. Generate the wallet address

    You will find a wallet address just copy and head to the cryptocurrency stored and transfer to the address of the wallet induced by Binance. If you are using different ways to purchase then you will see different screens in that section.

  6. Get confirmation on the transfer

    After that, you need to wait to receive the confirmation on the transfer. In case you bought through Binance then you are requested to wait till the transaction appears in the wallet.

    Go to the Exchange link and tap the logo of Binance. Next, tap on it and pick the ‘Basic’ tab as shown.

  7. Understand the interface

    Search for the pair on this page. If you purchased BTC coins then type XRP or BTC pair in the search box.

  8. Purchase XRP at a low price

    Tap on the ‘Limit’ option so that it is active and you can select the price from the chart available.

  9. Calculate the amount of XRP you wish to purchase

    Check the box ‘Price’ in the first case. Next, move to the ‘Amount,’ and type the number in order to buy. Select the percentage of the coins funded to 25%, 50%, or 100%. The amount of XRP will appear in the ‘Amount’ box instantly.

  10. Purchase XRP

    Tap on the Buy button with Binance.

Final Words:

Buying XRP can be done through Binance utilizing BTC, Ethereum, USD, etc.

Hope you can purchase XRP by going through this article.

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