Is Binance available in New York?

Can I use Binance in New York” if you are the one with such questions then this page is right for you.

Binance as of 2020, you can use the app after the green light was given to it by New York. But as the year passed the scenario changed totally. Now Binance cannot be accessed by New York Residents.

Can I use Binance in New York?

In the year 2021, users in New York cannot use the Binance app for trading. It deals in Hong Kong cryptocurrency for trading and does not permit American residents. This is the reason why Binance is not available in New York.

Not even a single user can use Binance US in the State of New York.

Binance comprises a personal site for the users of the US at

According to the US regulations, they have strict rules regarding the AML and KYC for new users to use Binance for trading. So, it is not legal in New York.

It implies that the process of verification might take much more time than the regular Binance.

The considerable discrepancy between the Binance US and the formal Binance is the support on coins and its aspects accessible to the customers.

Due to such a reason, you must not glance at coins that are supported and available on the list assuming Binance US to sell the coins for you.

Binance New York Bitlicense

A Bit license is issued by the New York Department under the rules and regulations formulated for the companies. Under this regulation, you cannot use the Binance app for trading.

What time will be available in Eastern New York time

As you have learned that you cannot access the Binance if you are in New York then there is no such standard time available.

But still, if you wish to use the app you can try with a VPN. Using the VPN it’s easy to access the app if you are residing in New York State.

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