Card not supported on Cash App

Do you have questions on your mind like ‘Why is my VISA card not supported on Cash App?’ ‘Why prepaid cards are not supported on Cash App?’, so here we are with this blog to explore the Cash App Card Support record and the policy on payment to review the options.

Cash App earlier known to be ‘Square Cash’ is a form of a payment application that permits its users to receive and send money by linking to their existing bank account and thereby spending money from the account on Cash App via the attached debit card directly.

To use the Cash App the first thing you need to do is to link your card which is supported by the Cash App. Most of the accounts on US bank, debit card, and credit card works on this application.

Banks Supported by Cash App

At present, Cash App supports most US Banks. You need to link the bank account supported by Cash App to the Cash App account to employ the instant money transfer.

Listed below are the banks which are supported by Cash App.

  • Citizens Bank
  • Bank of America
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Regions
  • PNC Bank
  • TD Bank
  • SunTrust
  • Huntington National

Just ensure to enter the Card on Cash App which has been enrolled in Mastercard®, Visa® or the ones which are widely supported and accepted debit cards that are tied to the bank account in the US.

What does Card not supported mean on Cash App:

Cash App does not support credit cards, debit cards, and cards that are linked to international accounts, prepaid cards (Chime Card not supported on Cash App), and which are from banks outside the U.S or gift cards.

Always recheck while you enter the details of the card like Name, Zip Code, etc are correct as it is required to be matched with the details that the credit or bank union has of your card on the Cash App.

If you realize that there is no error with the details but still it has got error then you must contact the Cash App Customer Support team and get verified with the details for you.

Cards Supported on Cash App

Cash App supports most government-abled prepaid cards and all of the major credit and debit cards from Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express are the ones supported by the Cash App.

Yet, for now, Cash App doesn’t accept business cards (debit), ATM cards, or PayPal cards.

How to fix cards not supported on Cash App

The only thing you can do to fix your problem is to add the bank account to the Cash App or to make a direct deposit of paychecks into the account of the Cash App.

Listed below are the major credit cards recommended that can be used on Cash App:-

  • Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card
  • U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Card
  • Capital One Spark Cash for Business
  • Discover it® Cash Back
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited®
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Note: While making payments through the credit card will charge a fee of 3%, in line with Venmo and other peer-to-peer applications. So to avoid this, you can link the free account and your debit card to the Cash App to employ the Cash App App service.

Card not supported on Cash App Issues:

  • In case you receive a message as ‘We are sorry, your card does not support issue while you are linking the card, then give it a try once again after a few days.
  • Even your supported bank account and card can sometimes show errors. For this, you can contact the Customer Support service.
  • Make sure that the card details match with the file for the debit card which is with the credit union or bank to Cash App. It includes:
    • Name on debit or credit card
    • Address, State, City, ZIP Code
    • Number of the debit card
    • Date of Expiration
    • CVV Number 

Final Say:

Even though Cash App does not support prepaid cards in a formal sense to the users who already got the benefits from the government.

It accepts US Bank accounts and debit and credit cards which are given by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.

In case, you are still facing any technical issues then you must contact the bank union or its customer support services for any help

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