How to delete a Cash App account?

If you ever wish to discontinue and delete the account of the Cash App then this page is just for you.

There are a variety of reasons why you want the account to be deleted permanently. You may not use the app or you want to try other apps for sending and receiving funds.

If you want to delete the Cash app you can proceed but only deleting the App on your mobile won’t do much because the account is still present. You need to delete the account then only the Cash App will be removed completely.

Can you delete a cash app account?

Yes, you can delete the account on the cash app but before that transfer the funds from the account.

Let’s have a look at how to transfer the funds from the Cash App Account.

Though your account has zero balance it cannot be closed by force. If you have Bitcoin or any stock first proceed to sell by selecting the Sell option. After the Cash Balance comes to Zero then you can go through the steps below:

  1. Make sure to log in to the account then do the proceedings.
  2. After logging in for the first time you will get to see the main page and there you request or make payments.
  3. Next tap on the House tab to move to the initial page of the Cash App. On that page, you need to click on the Cash Out tab to move the funds to the bank account.
  4. Now, follow the instructions as shown on the screen and complete the transferring process.

How to delete the Account of the Cash App?

As you clear the funds from the account now you can delete the Cash App Account. 

Here are the following steps you need to follow:

  1. After clearing any left-out funds and selling the stocks now move to click on the Profile tab. As you tap on it the profile page pops up. Then tap on the Support link option.
  2. On the Support page, you will get various options for common help. You will not find the option to close the account in this space. So move to click on the “Something Else” tab to proceed with the options on the next page.
  3. After that, you will land on the page where you will find the account options. You can click on the Cash Out option to move the money from the Cash balance of the app to the bank account. Next, click on Account Settings and the page Account Settings will load.
  4. Go to the Close Account and click on it and then choose from the list “Close my Cash App Account” option.
  5. The next page will provide you with the information on what is implied when you close the account. Carefully read through every detail so that you can be sure that you want to close the app. If you are confident then you can click the Click on the link “Confirm Closing Account”.
  6. After this, the account will be removed, and also the $Cashtag will also be removed. If someone tried to send money to your id it will show up as an error.

How do I remove the Cash App from the Phone?

Once you delete the account on Cash App you can now remove the mobile app from the phone.

How to delete the cash app account on the iPhone?

  1. Tap on the app directly and remove the account. 
  2. You can also opt to visit the Apple App Store. 
  3. For the users of iPhone 12, click and then hold the Cash App, and after that click on the Remove tab.

How to delete a cash app account on android?

Visit the Play Store and search the “cash app” then tap on the Uninstall button. This is the simplest way to remove the cash app from the Android device.

How to delete the cash app account on the web?

  1. First and foremost, click on the Official website of the Cash App using a Laptop or PC.
  2. Tap to click on the Settings tab and select the option, “profile or personal information. 
  3. Now move the pointer and then click on the “Deactivate Account” or “Delete” tab.
  4. Choose the reason why you want to cancel the Cash App account. The reason should be valid.
  5. Also, you need to select or type the reason for canceling your Cash App account.
  6. Lastly, tap on the confirm button tab.

How to delete a bank account from the cash app?

  1. Click the Cash App.
  2. Next tap on Bank Account. 
  3. Choose the bank and an account that you wish to change.
  4. Now Pick the Remove tab.
  5. Now, move to fill in the blank details.
  6. Lastly, click on the Confirm button.

Final Words

You need to know that you have cleared the money and now proceed to click on the app. If you feel that you want the old cash app account, in that case, sign in for the new account on Cash App

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