How to transfer money from Greendot to the Cash app?

The first question which arises in your mind is “Can I link the Greendot Card to the Cash App?” because you cannot transfer funds to the app unless you attach the Greendot.

Let’s have a look at how we can proceed to link or if is it possible to do so.

Yes, of course, you can choose the card to link to the app. You need to make sure that the card should be not any ordinary card but Green Dot Cash Back Visa® Debit Card. This card also earns a cashback of 2% on mobile purchases and online.

As a note, we would like to bring to your notice that prepaid cards are not accepted by Cash App. So, check before proceeding to add funds with the prepaid cards.

Here the app only approves American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. The debit cards which are reloadable along with the gift cards are not used.

There are a few prepaid cards that can be utilized in some cases by the Cash App like the cards issued by the government but not the Prepaid Card of Greendot.

How GoBank is related to Cash App?

If you have a Greendot Card then GoBank is connected to the Cash App via the card. The GoBank regulates under the Bank of Green Dot which is the enlisted trade name. The checking account of GoBank can be opened and its monthly fees can be avoided just by direct deposit mode amounting to $500.

Remember that the GoBank is Greendot Bank’s trademark and brand and you can only deposit with a single FDIC i.e. Green Dot Bank.

How can I send funds from the Greendot to the Cash App?

Once you add the Greendot to a Cash App using a Black unlimited version of the Green Dot card which approves deposits i.e. instant deposits as the Debit Card of a Cash App does. If you wish to use the cards you can move funds between Greendot and Cash App instantly.

Greendot Bank has an Unlimited CashBack Bank Account that accompanies a high return on the savings account paying the contributors Annual Percentage Yield at a rate of 3% on the funds up to $10,000.

How do I transfer cash from Greendot to a Cash App?

The article here is on how to transfer funds from Cash App to Greendot. So we are stepping in to guide you so that you can easily move funds just by following the instructions.

  1. Click on the Cash App

    New to Cash App install it from App Store or Play Store. Then tap on the app to open it.

  2. Add the debit card

    Next step, you are required to add the Greendot card to the option “linked accounts”.

  3. Select the Banking option

    Now, go to the Banking option and tap on it.

  4. Choose to add the cash

    Then move to click on Add Cash option.

  5. Enter the amount

    You need to enter the amount in this step because you cannot move further without adding the sum.

  6. Use the pin or touch id

    Select the Touch ID or the Pin of the Cash in order to confirm the amount.

  7. The funds will move from one account to another

    As you click the Confirm tab the money will be transferred from the Greendot Card to the account of the Cash app.

After purchasing the Moneypak Unlimited Cash Back Card, this might take more than an hour to initiate before claiming it and moving the cash to the Cash App.

In case you find the app method not worth it then try an alternative one to move the money from the Greendot Card to a Cash App.

Here we will show you how you can with the help of a PayPal account the funds can be transferred to the Cash App.

Follow the instructions step by step:-

  1. Firstly, go to the PayPal account.
  2. Pick “Add Funds” and then hit on “Add Funds from MoneyPak.”
  3. Next, type your MoneyPak Number on “Add Funds”.
  4. Then you see the Captcha, just type as shown and tap the “Continue” button.
  5. Next, move to “Submit Info,” and type personal details such as name, address, birthdate, and SSN. After that tap on “Continue.”
  6. Pick the “OK” option on the “Get Confirmation” page.
  7. Go to the email and click on the link for confirmation.
  8. Next, visit the profile Profile in order to add funds from the card of GreenDot MoneyPak to the PayPal account.
  9. You can now transfer your money from the Greendot Card to the Bank account. After the money is credited to the Bank account, proceed to add the money to the Cash App.

How does the Card of Greendot work?

Prepaid cards like Greendot cards approve transfers, government deposits, deposit checks, and also acquire paychecks.

You can use these cards without any difficulty. As the card is a prepaid one you can utilize it only when you add funds to it.

Just, you are required to add enough funds so that you can use it as an ordinary debit card. If you are residing in the USA you can use the card where VISA is accepted

This prepaid card comes with some features:-

  • You can easily transfer money but only within the US.
  • Use any bank account to load money to the card.
  • Using Greendot Platinum Visa Credit Card you can build up your credit score.
  • If you deposit $1000 in a month you will not be asked to pay charges of $7.95 which are charged every month.
  • Easily use free cash checks for making an online or direct deposit on the app.
  • Most importantly no minimum balance is required.
  • Easily move funds between debit cards.
  • Freely surpass the costly paper checks and payments of scheduled bills.
  • VIP Program for the waived withdrawal charges and ATM fees.


The money transferring process can be sometimes tricky and you may feel frustrated if half has been done. You need to have an accurate understanding of moving your funds along with that you should move the funds to the required destination safely.

All the cards might have advantages as well as disadvantages so Greendot is also one such card. You need to link the card to the cash app and then only transfer money to the app.

You do not require any better credit score to get the Greendot Card rather it improves your credit score once linked.

Hoping that you will understand after going through this page. We have illustrated two methods: select anyone as per your requirements.

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