How to delete a Chime account?

Nowadays deleting an account is not like climbing mountains, it’s as simple as A.B.C. But to complete the process without facing any difficulty is an important aspect to take note of.

If you are one who wants to learn how to delete the Chime account then this article is meant for you. Sometimes customers constantly try to delete the account but fail so we will be privileged if this guide helps you to complete the deleting process in no time.

Delete Chime Account

Chime has just got its recognition in the field of financial service. It received a lot of applause because here the customers can easily move funds from one account to another without any fees.

Want to send money to your friends or relatives then Chime bank is the best alternative one can choose. But sometimes you do not wish to use the account or do not feel the need for it, at last, you decide to close the account.

What is the reason behind deleting the Chime account?

As you learned that the Chime account is indeed very useful for its users still many wish to close it.

Let’s see what were the issues that led them to delete their Chime Account.

  • The most important point to note is that Chime does not possess a physical bank. All the transactions are done online. If you want to visit in person to make a complaint then you can only search for help through online services.
  • Chime credit builder is not a credit card and that has put an extra disappointment on the part of users.
  • Though no hidden charges were included, there were higher fees incurred.

These were the common reasons why many Chime users decided to abolish their accounts.

Without wasting your time let’s look at in what ways we can close the account of Chime.

How can I permanently delete my Chime account?

When we finally take the decision to close the account but you still lag behind because you do not know the steps to proceed with deleting the account. Below are the steps to guide you in order to delete the account.

Three methods to delete the Chime account:-
Unlinking the account
Send an Email
Reach over the phone

1. Unlink the accounts

The first step is to unlink the added accounts from the Chime account. This is an essential step because it may prevent you from being charged extra fees.

The linked accounts will be different from the account of Chime. You need to transfer the funds to a different account before deleting them. As you confirmed that the money has been transferred you can now eventually unlink the accounts.

2. Send an email to Chime

You can contact Chime support and request them to complete the deleting process. With this, you can easily close the account permanently.

Deliver an email to Chime [email protected], including the necessary point that you want to delete without beating around the bush. This will be a great help for the support team as just reading the heading can understand what the email is about. Mention like “Request to delete my Chime Account” or “Account Deletion Request”. Short messages are easy to decode by the reader.

Do not forget to mention your account in the email which you want to delete such as the name of the account, address, and the account number of Chime. You need to wait till they assist you with your problem.

3. Reach the support team over the phone

Waiting might be frustrating as you need to wait after you send the email till someone helps you with your problem. Sometimes it’s certain that your query is left unanswered so you never know. After waiting for 2 to 3 days, call Chime at its contact number at 1-844-244-6363.

Provide them with the reference number when your call is answered and also ask them the status of the account.

In case no updates from customer service make a call again to know how much time will it take to close the account. Ask them to do the proceedings as soon as possible because the unused account might still have a subscription till it terminates.

The fee to close an account

Chime has the most important aspect that no fees are included while deleting the account. But in case you have an overdraft balance or say negative balance the deletion process will not move further. You need to pay the difference and if the account is under any investigation, closing your account won’t be possible. If you fail to confirm the identity that you are the owner of the Chime account or initially you are not the holder of the account, Chime will not proceed with the deletion of the account.

How to delete an Amazon Chime account?

There are also some chime adjacent accounts that you wish to delete and Amazon is one such. Deleting the AWS account will delete the Chime account.

You can delete the account by giving the command “Delete me”.

Delete the Team account

  1. Click the link and open the Amazon Chime console.
  2. Choose the account and go to Settings and pick the Account option.
  3. You will see the page of the Users.
  4. Pick the users and select the User activities, Remove users.
  5. Next select Accounts, Account actions, and Delete account.
  6. Select the Confirm tab to delete the account.

All data of the users will be deleted from Amazon Chime.

Deleting an Enterprise account

  1. First, clear the domains.
  2. Click at and open the account.
  3. Go to the Accounts page, and pick the account name of the Team.
  4. Select Settings, Domains.
  5. Pick the Remove domain.
  6. Select Accounts, Account actions, and Delete account.
  7. Lastly, tap the Confirm button.

Wrapping up here we hope you will understand how to delete the Chime account but make sure to clear the overdraft balance before closing the account.

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