How to delete transaction history on chime?

You purchased items on Chime and do not want others to know how much it cost or any other reason. For this, you need to delete the transaction history. The deletion will be only temporary. This feature is available on Chime as you wish to protect the information, it will be moved to the “Deleted leads”.

What are the methods to delete Chime transaction history?

Probably there are two methods for deleting the Chime transaction history:-

  • Using the lead list page
  • Lead detail page
  • Deleting the history using the lead list page

Here are the following steps involved:

  1. Firstly, click on the Chime account and tap the login tab entering the credentials.
  2. Next tap on the option “People or lead list” on this page.
  3. Click the checkbox which leads you to wish to clear. Check the name and select one by one.
  4. Now, you will find the Delete option, just tap on it.
  5. A window will pop up, you need to state the reason for deleting.
  6. Next hit the Ok tab.
  • Deleting the history on Chime using Lead Detail Page

The following steps that you need to follow:-

  1. Go to the lead name and click on it to proceed to the information on the user’s page. Select the “more” tab and then tap on the “Delete Lead” option.
  2. Next tap the Yes tab as soon as a window pop up on the screen.
  3. Once you click the leads will get deleted.

How can I delete the history permanently on Chime?

  1. Select People and enter the lead list page. 
  2. Next, tap the option “Deleted Leads” and the list page DELETED LEADS will appear on the screen.
  3. Now, pick the leads that you want to clear permanently. Tap the checkbox.
  4. Next, tap the Erase button to clear the history permanently. 
  5. At last, click the Yes tab and complete the procedure.

How to delete the Chime history using the Lead Profile option?

You will find the deleted leads when you search on the Chime search bar. After you find the lead you wish to delete it permanently and using the “Lead Profile” you will have the option to erase the history of the transactions. Go to the Lead Profile and click on the Erase tab to completely erase the transaction history.

Delete Amazon Chime chat history 

If you wish to delete the Chat History then the API of Amazon Chime will help you in erasing the reported messages from chats or conversations in the organizations. Get the message ID or chat ID to erase the chat.

In order to clear a message

  1. Conversation text: Choose the API operation “RedactConversationMessage” in the “API Reference”
  2. Chat Room text: Select API Operation “RedactRoomMessage” in API Reference.


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