Does Klarna accept Chime?

If you have the question: Can you use chime with klarna and does chime work with klarna then this article is just for you. Go through the information provided here to understand what exactly Klarna is.

Before proceeding to the main topic let’s understand what Klarna is.

  • An online platform for buyers to have flexible financing.
  • Operated around 17 countries and involves 250,000 sellers with 15M users in the United States using Klarna.
  • It gives customers extra time to pay for the item purchase. 
  • Sign up for the Klarna app by installing it. You can purchase at the partner stores after registering into the account using the site
  • In order to shop online, you do not require Klarna to be a credit card. Just purchase what you want and pay using Klarna as it offers different options for paying.
  • It has the option of buying now and paying later for the customers. So if you do not have cash no need to worry because Klarna has the Pay Later program.

Klarna has 3 options to pay for the finances:-

  • Pay within a month: Here you can pay the full amount in a single go.
  • Pay in 4 instalments: No interest is required to be paid. The first instalment is due while checkout. The remaining instalments are within 6 week period.
  • Pay within 6 months or 36 months. You might be charged fees along with the interest if you select the pay later option.

Does Klarna works with Chime:

Currently, Klarna does not support Chime. In the Klarna app, you cannot access the debit card of Chime but the Chime credit builder card can be used with Klarna.

In case you decide to use the debit card with Klarna then an error message will pop up on your screen stating, that you need to change the card as it does not support the bank.

Many online sites like Twitter, Reddit, etc were used to report about the Chime not supported on Klarna which is a major drawback. The users on Reddit and also Twitter states that Chime Credit Builder is working on the Klarna app but some other users also complained that the chime credit builder card is not accepted by the Klarna app.

Which cards are accepted by Klarna:

Cards like debit cards, credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX are accompanied by the Klarna app.

But there are still some cards not accepted by Klarna:-

  • Cards from AMEX is not accepted if you select the one-time option.
  • Capital One credit cards cannot be used but debit cards can.
  • Prepaid cards are not at all not approved.

How can I add a card to the Klarna account:

  1. Go to the Klarna app and tap on it.
  2. Tap the log in button by entering the credentials.
  3. Pick the ‘Payment methods’ in the ‘My Klarna’ section.
  4. Select the options, first ‘Add a card’, then add the bank account or tap the Remove tab.

If you want to add the card using the website then go to using the PC.

  1. Click the link and tap the Login tab.
  2. Pick the ‘Payment methods’.
  3. Select to Add a Card option.

You can have more than one card added to the account but make sure that you can save only one bank account.

As we wrap up we would like to conclude by saying that Chime is not taken by Klarna. Chime is a financial institution that provided free online services to its users. You can send, transfer and receive funds and also overdraft within $200 without being charged with fees.

Chime cards are accepted in most places but Klarna does not accept Chime. But if you have a Credit Builder on Chime then you can easily use the Chime with Klarna.

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