Transfer from Binance to Coinbase

For users who want to trade on cryptocurrencies, Coinbase and Binance will be the best options one can select. 

A few points on Binance and Coinbase:-

  • Binance delivers numerous services on trading but not to US users. Therefore, only traders of the USA can acquire
  • In Coinbase you can find great options on FIAT deposits.
  • The process for moving Coinbase to Binance or vice versa is simple.
  • Be cautious while entering the address for the deposit.
  • Coinbase will help you to move crypto into funds and transfer it to the bank account.
  • Many options for trading on Coinbase like depositing the funds and converting to cryptos. Also, move the cryptos to exchange for trading.

How to send crypto from Binance to coinbase?

The following steps to be followed for transferring funds from the account of Binance to Coinbase:

  1. Visit the Coinbase website in the first case.
  2. Next step, register into the account or directly log in using the credentials if you have registered already.
  3. Move to the prices section and pick the crypto asset which you prefer to acquire.
  4. Then hit the bitcoin now and tap the receive tab.
  5. As soon as you hit the receive tab a wallet address will pop up.
  6. Next copy and move with the wallet address to Binance.
  7. Now log in using Binance credentials, proceed to the wallet, and tap on the overview tab.
  8. In the next step, you will see the balance available in the Binance account.
  9. Press the Fiat and Spot option.
  10. Click the “withdraw” tab against the assets of crypto that you prefer transferring  Bitcoins.
  11. Next, select Ctrl+V in order to paste the copied address from Coinbase into the ‘Bitcoin withdrawal address.’  Make sure to paste the bitcoin address for bitcoin. In case if you paste the wrong addresses this will lead to the loss of the assets permanently.
  12. Fill in the number of bitcoins for withdrawal and click the submit tab.
  13. Now, proceed to complete the 2FA process for completing the transaction. 
  14. Once the verification process is completed the funds will move to Coinbase from the Binance account.

Precautions to be taken care of while moving cryptos:-

  • For the first time, users need to transfer a small amount just for a test. In this process, you will come to know how the transferring process works or takes place and after that, you can exceed the amount.
  • Check for the availability of the other asset on Coinbase. Bitcoin can easily be moved to a Coinbase account but not the other cryptos.
  • Take note of the transaction history by snapping a Screenshot.
  • Do not worry if you find pending transactions in the account as it will not confirm the exchange until completed.
  • You can take support from the customer team with the reference number if the process of transferring exceeds 24 hours.

How to send crypto from Coinbase to Binance?

In order to move cryptos from Coinbase to Binance following steps are included:-

  1. Visit the Binance account and search the address of the wallet.
  2. Click the “Fiat and Spot”.
  3. Now select the cryptocurrency for depositing and tap the Deposit tab.
  4. Then, you will be directed to the wallet of cryptocurrency.
  5. Now, move to the “Address” section and find the address of the crypto wallet.
  6. Copy the address. Now, move to the Coinbase account.
  7. Tap the Send button for sending cryptos to Binance.
  8. Enter the number of cryptos to be sent.
  9. In the “To” section paste the wallet address.
  10. Now tap on the “Pay with” option and pick and the cryptocurrency for sending.
  11. Next hit the “Continue” tab.
  12. Now overview the transaction.
  13. The amount sent to Binance is shown in the overview section.
  14. The fee of Coinbase, Network fee, Amount in Total and the time taken to complete the transaction will be seen in that overview section.
  15. Now hit on the “Send now” to move the cryptos to Binance.
  16. The process will be completed in 30 minutes.

This will be the cheapest way to transfer money from Coinbase to Binance.

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Though both Binance and Coinbase have their roots in trading Coinbase can be the best option.

  • Because you can move funds to the account of Coinbase just by converting to FIAT and at last sending them to the bank account.
  • The great security feature on Coinbase.
  • You can utilize PayPal, debit, and credit cards for depositing FIAT and purchasing Bitcoin and move to the Binance account by following simple steps.
  • For using Binance you need to link to a VPN whereas Coinbase does not need any.

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