How to buy Coinbase Stock?

Want to buy stocks on Coinbase but am not able to do so. In this blog you can learn how to purchase the stock on Coinbase, where and when can I buy coinbase stock, how to buy ripple stock on coinbase, what time can I buy coinbase stock, the best stock to buy on coinbase, how do I buy stock in coinbase IPO, and is coinbase a good stock to buy.

The Nasdaq Coinbase list has marked another significant step forward in the use of digital assets, putting one of the industry’s most prominent representatives even farther into the economic mainstream. Coinbase stock is now usable for sale, enlisting the grades of other tech-heavy enterprises such as Spotify, Roblox, and Slack, which all went public through direct listings rather than IPOs.

Many people have been waiting for the opportunity to purchase shares in Coinbase because the company is one of the largest advocates of digital assets around the globe, and regardless of how you feel about them, they’ve had a beneficial impact on how the world looks and deals with cryptocurrencies.

Its shares debuted at $381 on April 14 and rose to highs of around $429 before falling below the initial rate to around $310. The exchange’s original market capitalization was $85.8 billion, and in the term of jotting down, COIN stock was trading at $280.66, with a market capitalization.

COIN is a regular stock listed on Nasdaq, not a digital cryptocurrency.

Steps To buy Stock On Coinbase

The following steps to purchase the Coinbase stock are as follows:-

  1. The first step is to create an account and begin by registering for the brokerage account. You will be able to approach the capital markets as a result of this.
  2. Decide on the type of order you want to place when you are ready to trade, head to the “Trading” page, then “Stocks or ETFs”. To find the Coinbase stock, type COIN into the “Symbol” field.

    Because this is the first purchase, choose “Buy” and fill up the quantity and “Price type” you would like to use. The graphics below will use “Market” as an example because it is the most basic type of order because it buys or sells at the existing price.

    A “limit” order buys or sells shares at a price you specify, which might be greater or lower than the market price, and it will execute if you get the price you want or reasonable.

    You can use a “Stop” to activate a sell order if the price of the asset falls below a certain level. This strategy is used to avoid large losses.

    Note:- There are more ways to trade, but we have emphasized the most prevalent ones to keep things simple.

    You can choose “Good for day” under the “Duration” button in order to keep the order in force for a day, or till it is fully completed or canceled. Another option for the duration is “All-or-None,” which you can select if you wish to permit an order that must purchase or sell the whole quantity you requested, or it will not be enforced at all.

    Tap on the “Preview order” when you are prepared to continue to the other screen.
  3. Finish Your PurchaseYou will now see this screen, where you may ascertain the details of the trade and then click “Place Order” when you are prepared.

    With this, you have just completed a purchase order for Coinbase (COIN).

    If you want to purchase Coinbase stock you can get it on Nasdaq and open a brokerage account.

What time can I buy coinbase stock?

  1. Purchase a share of Coinbase

You should be able to acquire as much COIN stock as you desire if you already have a stock trading account. Coinbase’s ticker is COIN.

Instead of doing an IPO (Initial Public Offering), they decided to make a Direct Public Offering (DPO) (Direct Public Offering). This meant that the banks didn’t get to acquire the stock cheaply before listing, and the share price was entirely determined by the market.

The stock soared past $400 before stabilizing around the $350 region after an early guidance price of $250. Because market volatility is likely to persist in the days and weeks ahead, it may be smart to build your position over time rather than buying your entire allocation after finishing this article.

  1. Tokens from Coinbase

In the year 2021, you don’t need to own a stock to earn or lose money from its share price. In the weeks running up to the IPO, companies like FTX (which has had a similar development track as Coinbase) were offering pre-IPO trading.

Pre-listing traders were able to lend tokenized equities to other margin dealers at a rate as high as 35% per year, in addition to anyone wanting to trade the price of the tokenized stock. That rate had reduced to 0.88 percent at the time of writing, which is still higher than most banks and higher than Coinbase will pay because they have no intentions to pay a dividend. These prices fluctuate hourly based on market demand. Here’s where you can learn more about FTX tokenized stocks.

Is coinbase a good stock to buy?

The stocks on coinbase have bounced back by nearly 38% since the last month, significantly surpassing the S&P 500 which was just about 8% in the same duration. It was the best stock to purchase at that period. The increases in profits are moved primarily by the current rise in the price of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, has moved about 23% as per reports in the previous month and remained at the high level up to 120% from the lows in the month of July, trading at phases of nearly $68,000 by Monday. The rates of Ethereum have moved by 35% in the past month. This is favorable for the brokerage of crypto like Coinbase, as increased crypto-asset tariffs generally bring active users to this platform and navigate trading volumes, assisting revenues.

Can you buy coinbase stock on Robinhood?

Yes, you can purchase the stock but they are limited. If you wish you can opt to sell the stocks as Robinhood provides tools that help you put the funds in motion.

Buy ripple stock coinbase

You can send or receive stock on coinbase but for trading, it does not have the option to do so. The suspension of trading has led the ripple stock to stop buying, selling, or converting.

How do I buy stock in coinbase IPO?

  • Tap the account to open.
  • Go to the product library and select the chosen asset.
  • Next, pick the “buy” option. The restrictions on trading might be applied to the initial trading.
  • Pick the position, place, and size of the trade. Also, apply for risk management orders.
  • Monitor the trade and lock the position after reaching the targeted price.


I hope, this blog will guide you on how to buy stock on Coinbase.

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