Can you buy Ripple on Coinbase?

Searching for ways to buy Ripple on a Coinbase but have not yet confirmed whether they are available or not on the Coinbase account.

So, go through this blog to get your questions answered.

What do you mean by Ripple?

Ripple is a cryptocurrency but different from Litecoin and Bitcoin. In coinbase, you can trade Bitcoin and now the Rippling has also taken over the market to deal in trading. As it supports blockchain technology by using innovative functionality which is totally different from Bitcoin which esteems obscurity and demoralization. Ripple is also linked with the banks and financial institutions.

Ripple was first initiated in 2012 so that the banks and investors can easily transfer funds over the globe and with this cryptocurrency has reached its zenith. If you want to try investing then Ripple will be a good choice to rely on to obtain greater benefits.

But wait first check whether you can buy Ripple on Coinbase or not.

Can I buy Ripple coins on Coinbase?

Hopefully Yes you can purchase Ripple using the Coinbase Wallet. You need to create a Coinbase account in order to proceed further to acquire the coin.

When you tried trading Ripple via Coinbase it required you to transfer using Binance, but now Coinbase has the option to buy Ripple directly. If in the wallet you have enough Bitcoin then you can easily purchase Ripple.

You just need to proceed to the Coinbase account and log in to the account using the credentials. Once the page loads, tap on Ripple and now you can place a trade.

How to buy Ripple with Coinbase and Binance?

After the SEC suspended the Ripple coin from further trading you cannot purchase the coin directly. But there is a way that will help you get the coins for trading i.e. via Binance.

The steps involved are mentioned below:-

  1. First, you will be asked to create a Coinbase account. On that page, you need to select to purchase either Ethereum or Bitcoin and using this you can purchase Ripple.
  2. Then, add funds to the account.
  3. The next step, move to Binance as you cannot purchase Ripple from Coinbase.
  4. Set up the Binance using email and password then click on “Funds” and after that tap the “Deposits and Withdrawals” option.
  5. Acquired Bitcoin on Coinbase, now moves the coins to Binance.
  6. In the search box type “BTC” and the list will pop up. Tap the “Deposit” tab below Bitcoin and next copy the address.
  7. Now, enter the Coinbase account, then pick the “Send” option. You will see an address box popup. Just paste the address in the specified area.
  8. Next, choose the amount to Bitcoin and press the Send tab.
  9. Your Bitcoins will be now available in the Binance account. Now go and exchange the coins with Ripple. 

If you wish you can move the Ripple coins to the offline walker for safeguarding them.

How to buy Ripple with Coinbase and Changelly?

Using the platform of Changelly you can easily purchase Ripple. Select the best rate and tap the Buy Now option. Then enter the address of Ripple. Remember to include a destination tab that reveals the beneficiary for the payment.

Where can I store my Coinbase Ripple buy?

However you might agree on holding the Ripple coins within the wallet, but investors decide to install the desktop wallet for keeping the cryptocurrency safe.

Some may indeed buy a hardware-based wallet offline, such as Ledger Nano S. With your level of understanding technical knowledge better and tolerance of risk will specify which wallet you want to choose.


You might feel elated by buying a cryptocurrency but it may not be easy to trade as you can get confused by reading the terms and processes. As you learned that you cannot use Coinbase directly, so store your coins on your Binance account and exchange them with Ripple.

This is education-related content to help you to understand whether it is possible to purchase Ripple on Coinbase or not.

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