How do I speak to someone at Coinbase?

Facing issues while using Coinbase you need to talk to customer service.

How to reach someone at Coinbase?

There are three ways available to make a contact with the customer support team and convey the issue you are facing or want to know about trading coins on Coinbase.

  1. Get in touch via Email
  2. How to speak to someone at coinbase?
  3. Write to Coinbase Twitter

Let’s have a look at the points in detail.

1. How to contact the customer team via Email?

You can resolve the issue by composing an email:-

  1. Firstly, use the email address you used while signing up for Coinbase and then submit the request.
  2. Select the most relevant sector and the sub-category.
  3. Next, include the details regarding the issue.
  4. Make sure you submit a single ticket for the issue and your query will be answered as soon as possible. 

2. Reach customer service over the Phone

If you find that the account on Coinbase is being jeopardized, you can quickly dial the phone number to disable the account. Your call will be answered by the computerized phone service.

After the account has been disabled, then proceed to the account recovery service and enable the account. The process might take more days to complete. So be patient in case you find the method to be less worthy than trying to compose an email to the Support Team.

Coinbase Phone Number:- 1 (888) 908-7930

3. Contact customer support using Twitter

In case of the latest updates, you can have a look at the Twitter account. But no customer can help you to resolve the issue for privacy and security reasons. At last, you can reach them through Email, which is the only option.

Coinbase Official Twitter:-

Keep in mind that Coinbase never asks for the codes for verification or to share the login password. If any such issue occurs you need to contact Coinbase customer support.

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