Looking forward to this blog we shall discuss an overview on the various related fees

The trading fees depend on how the user deposits the amount in the account of, it is one of the reasonable means of trading.

Let us now move to the core of the context.

Does charge fees?

Yes, does charge fees and these trading fees are normally volume-based but there are limits where you may be charged with zero fees. With an increase in the volume of trading, the discounts also increase.

List of transaction fees:-

  • transfer fees:

ACH transfer fee: Free (minimum limit $20)
Wire transfer fee: Free (minimum limit $5,000)

  • card fees: credit/debit card fees on purchase:
2.99% ( this fee is waived for the first 30 days through the application).

  • purchase fee:

Buying crypto with the money deposited: Free

  • selling fees to users using

Fee for sending crypto to users who use the application: Free

  • withdrawal fees:

Fee on crypto withdrawal: This fee depends on the currency. 
(Let’s say: Cost to withdraw the Bitcoin is 0.0004 BTC whereas the cost to withdraw Coin is 100 CRO)

  • Exchange fee from crypto to crypto:


  • Fee on Crypto deposit:


Wrapping Up:

Hence, prefers to develop on this platform. For this, they yearn to get a high volume of trading, higher liquidity, and also higher taking of coin.

Looking into these, they inclined to charge a fee of lower rate which will depend on the following points:-

  • Whether the user is a market taker or maker
  • Amount of trading
  • Amount of CRO that has been staked.

For instance, on trading something that is not available instantly, then you need to pay a low ‘maker’ fee since you add liquidity. On another hand, if the trade undergoes straight away, then you have to pay a high ‘taker’ rate or fee since you take away the liquidity.

Example: You stake more than 5,000 CRO (i.e above $800) and traded on less than $250,000 the present month. Then you will get the fee discount of 10%, by paying the maker fee of 0.090% and the taker fee of 0.144% on the trade.

Hope by now this article has helped you to earn an idea on fees and limits for your trading

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