How to delete account

Do you not wish to continue with for selling or buying cryptocurrencies?

If this is so, then you are deemed to delete the account. Closing the account implies that the account on App, Visa Card, and Exchange account won’t get further accessed.

Make sure to withdraw the continuing balances before you proceed to delete If your balance of crypto is below its minimum limit of withdrawal then you can contact the support group in order to get assistance for processing withdrawals.

Here, through this blog, we shall discover to delete the account.

How to close account:

The steps that one must follow for delete account are:-

  1. Compose an email at [email protected] from the email address which was registered by you, placing the subject as ‘Close Account’.
  2. Next, furnish the following details-
    Take a photo of yourself holding paper with the required information handwritten upon it.
    • Name
    • Present date

* Your provided photo will be employed only to verify the identity.

Once the account has been closed, you can use the service and its features again by simply signing up as a new user. The closed or deleted account won’t be reactivated under any conditions.

Note: You must be familiar that you won’t be eligible for any of the promotional offers for the new accounts comprising signup bonus which may be from the BG25 Referral Program.

Wrapping Up:

Remember not to request so as to delete the account in case you possess cryptocurrency balance on app account.

Once the account is closed, it would not be retrieved back. Likewise, the balances once get lost won’t get procured back.

In case you possess some cryptocurrency balance remaining on then you have to transfer it to some other exchange platform.

If you still need any help, you can contact the support team of to solve out your query.

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