How long does take to verify?

In this blog, you will learn the time taken by to complete the verification process.

If you want to check the verification status of then you need to verify your address as well as the bank information to be updated in the account. You can get the details in the Profile section of the Exchange.

How can I sign up to Exchange:

You can register into the Exchange though you are new to it or an existing App user.

Registering to Exchange

Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. First and foremost, from a browser type the URL and directly land on the homepage of
  2. Next, tap the Sign up tab.
  3. Go through the instructions and furnish the important information. You will receive a confirmation link at the email address. The details of the birthdate and the address will be used to check whether you are eligible or not. Most importantly you need to attain the age of 18.
  4. Next tap the Continue option. An OTP will be delivered to your email. An
  5. Go to the Exchange site and enter the one time password.
  6. Now, create the Exchange password and then tap the Submit button.
  7. Next verify the phone number. Pick the code of your area then enter the contact number. A message will be sent where you will receive the code. Now enter the code in the space given. After that tap the Submit button.
  8. As you complete the above step you will be directed to the Exchange page.

How can an app user register in Exchange?

The steps you need to be followed as an app user is mentioned below:-

  1. First click the link and tap on the Sign-up tab to register into Exchange.
  2. Next, tap on the Continue button.
  3. Then you need to enter the email address. Make sure that the email id should be the same as the App
  4. Now, tap on Submit. An email will be delivered to you. Go to the inbox and confirm the registration.
  5. Next, tap on Connect to Exchange tab in the email. After that click on the link available on the email. This will take you to the page to create a password.
  6. Now tap the Submit tab.
  7. After submitting you will get back to the homepage of Exchange.

How can I verify the address on

For verifying the address on your account you need to provide a few of the documents such as:-

  • Documents that you are gathering for verification should be maximum of 3 months old.
  • Utility Bill.
  • Statements or letters issued by the bank. If you are providing a credit card statement then make sure to invisible the number of the card.
  • Correspondence from a Government Agency of Department.

In order to verify the bank details you need to be a citizen of the U.S. and also the same documents need to be furnished as you provided for address verification. Also do not forget to give the account and routing number during verification.

How long does it take to be verified on

The process here takes place step by step. You will get to status- Verify Now, Pending, and Approved.

  1. Verify Now

You will be asked to verify your account as you retain from accessing the Exchange. So, you need to provide the necessary information. Once it is verified you can use the additional features on

  1. Pending

If you see the status pending, this means that the team is reviewing your application and is still under process.

It might take more than an hour to days relying on the factors like image quality, nationality, country of application, etc.

In case the status remains the same after 3 working days then do not wait to contact Customer Support. Get through the email [email protected]. The subject: Exchange verification status. If required you will need to provide more evidence.

No personal information will be entertained.

  1. The Approval of Verification 

In this stage you will see that the verification is approved and now you can start trading, withdrawing, depositing on Exchange.

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