How to buy XRP on

You are now familiar with to be an exchange platform where the users can sell, buy and trade cryptocurrencies by using the bank account, credit card, or debit card to enjoy its various other features.

But on this page, we shall focus on our topic on ‘Can you buy XRP Ripple on’, ‘Why can’t I buy XRP on’ and so on.

Let us move to the core of this blog.

Can I buy XRP on

You can go to buy XRP coins in the exchange place. You just need to follow the steps on buying thoroughly.

How to buy XRP on

The steps one must follow to buy XRP on has been illustrated in detail below:

  1. Download the app:The first thing you need to do is to download the mobile app of on your iOS device (from its App Store) or Android device (from Google Play Store) on the phone.
  2. Complete Registration procedure:In the next step, you must enter the required information in order to complete the process of registration.
  3. Stake CRO coins:You need to stake at least minimum coins of 5000 CRO so that you can claim the reward. 
    One can purchase CRO via the application over debit/ credit, Crypto wallet, or bank transfer.
  4. Select ‘Crypto Wallet’ and then ‘Buy’:In the next step, you need to select the Crypto Fire Wallet under and then click the logo of ‘Buy’.
  5. Choose ‘XRP’ from the cryptocurrency list:Now, under the Buy tab, the list of cryptocurrencies will appear from which you need to select XRP.
  6. Select ‘Payment Mode’:Once you select XRP, the coins will appear on the page and then you must select the method of payment, when it is required to check out, as to whether to use the debit card, credit card, from the fiat wallet or through the crypto wallet.

Hence it is done. Now you have officially own the XRP on Finally, you can store it on some ledger account as preferred by you.

In case you can’t buy XRP on, then you can contact its customer service team for any sort of help.

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