Is safe or legit:

If you want to know ‘How safe is’ and wish to have a reasonable cryptocurrency exchange platform, then this is the right page for you. Here, you can go through the review on to get your answer on ‘Is safe?’

A brief on what is

It is a financial and cryptocurrency exchange platform service that has a fast-developing application in its industry.

Is ‘Good Exchange’ platform:

  • Yes, it is. One can reckon it to be a bank on cryptocurrencies rather than being a platform to buy or exchange crypto.
  • The users will be able to grow their interest investment portfolio, get cashback via employing the debit card crypto, and can attain the crypto loan without even checking the credit.

How works:

It works either through its web browser or via its mobile applications with multiple security standards.

It has plenty to extend its features by incorporating the CRO coin. So the more coins you wish to stake the goodwill be benefits.

With the favored cryptocurrencies, the users of can access the following features:-

  • User-friendly interface for buying and selling at the market value.
  • Performing orders upon limit or stop-limit.
  • Involving deeply on trading with advanced platform on exchange.
  • To earn interest upto 14% by investing the tokens of deposit.
  • Deduce with the secondary trading.

One can easily access all its features under a single application or website, a slight difference may prevail depending upon the country in which one resides.

The users of the US can avail all these services they need and this solves their answer on ‘Is safe in the USA?’

‘,’ Is it safe: exchange is safe as well as legit for the one who- wish to trade, spend, save and store cryptocurrencies ( coin). It enables the user to sell, trade, and buy cryptocurrencies at a reasonable rate.

Listed main perks of

Pros of

  • It’s a one-stop platform 
  • Simple in converting money
  • Low range of fee
  • Earning interest
  • Active Security feature.
  • Cashback rewards with the Visa Card
  • Phone and gift cards top ups.

Cons of

  • The coins are not available universally
  • Difficulty in navigating
  • Lacking scholastic resources
  • Indigent customer assistance 

Is legit and safe:

The users can achieve all of the features on security like the measures of anti-phishing and multi-factor authentication. It also includes biometric, password, authenticator verification, email, and phone.

It states that their security has been designed on every factor of the industry in addition to this the system has been tested through steering security companies. It employs Hacker One in order to observe weaknesses.

Till today all of the efforts have been paid off. As stated by, is one among those few exchange platforms which have been not hacked yet.

Bottom Lines:

Hope by reading through this review page you have obtained your answer ‘Is right for you.  As it has a low fee amount on exchange cryptocurrency, can move the fiat currency to crypto easily, does not require much education on crypto, can deposit a large range in CRO, including performance on more banking service on investing, spending and saving on the crypto exchange platform

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