How to sell Crypto on

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How to sell on

The steps which must be performed to sell crypto are as follows:-

  1. Go to the ‘Fiat Wallet’ section: Before heading towards selling your cryptocurrency on the first thing you require to do is to set up the fiat wallet. The points are:-
    ▶ Firstly, go to the application and then log in to the account by entering the required credentials
    ▶ When you get logged in, click on the ‘Accounts’ tab which is on the navigation bar.
    ▶ Select on ‘Fiat Wallet’ tab to move to the fiat wallet, from the list of options such as ‘Crypto Earn’, ‘Fiat Wallet’, and ‘Crypto Wallet’.
  2. Set Up Fiat Wallet:▶ In case you reside in Singapore, you may connect to StraitsX.
    ▶ If residing in Europe or US, you have to make a deposit fiat through bank transfer. Click on ‘Set Up New Currency’ and enter the resident address and then follow the instructions on your screen to set the fiat wallet.
  3. Hit the ‘Trade’ button:▶ In this step, navigate back to the homepage, by hitting the ‘Home’ tab below the navigation bar.
    ▶ Next hit the button on ‘Trade-in order to initiate selling or buying cryptocurrency.
  4. Click on ‘Sell’:▶ Under the ‘Trade’ section, you will be given two alternatives i.e ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’.
    ▶ Here you need to select on ‘Sell’ option as you wish to sell the cryptocurrency.
  5. Choose the ‘Crypto’ you wish to sell on▶ Once you click on the Sell tab, the list of cryptocurrencies will appear which you will be able to sell.
    ▶ Now, choose the cryptocurrency you desire to sell. Example: Bitcoin, Ethereum etc
  6. Choose ‘Fiat Wallet’ and then sell your Crypto:▶ On this page, you need to choose your wallet, the one you wish to sell your crypto.
    ▶ Select the ‘Fiat Wallet’ tab.
    ▶ Next, enter the amount of cryptocurrency which you desire to sell.
    ▶ Finally, hit the button on ‘Sell’ for selling your cryptocurrency.
  7. Make confirmation to sell:▶ On selecting the ‘Sell’ option it will take you to the page of confirmation.
    ▶ This page will show your amount, selling fees, method, rate, and also the total cost of crypto which you are selling.
    ▶ Make confirmation of the details as being correct.
    ▶ At last, click on the ‘Confirm’ tab to confirm the selling of cryptocurrency.
  8. Hit anywhere on the page to continue:▶ Once you confirm, then you must enter the passcode.
    ▶ Finally, you reach the successful page.
    ▶ You can click anywhere to complete the selling of cryptocurrency.

    To check your transaction, you can move to the fiat wallet.

    ▶ For this, first, click on ‘Accounts’ and then go to ‘Fiat Wallet’.
    ▶ Under the fiat wallet section, you can view the transaction which is completed under the ‘Today’ tab.

Final Say:

Thus, by now we can say that you have learned how to perform sales of Crypto. Furthermore, if you face any problems or have a query feel free to contact the Crypto Customer Support team for guidance.

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