How to withdraw money from

People desire to withdraw from Crypto once they gain some of the cryptocurrency. One can easily transfer its crypto from to some other address to store it or enjoy it on a varied platform.

Here the question comes ‘How do you withdraw money from’. So if you use this app and still you cannot figure out or get the answer on on how to cash out then we can say that this page will surely help you to withdraw money from

Brief on

Before heading toward the main topic on ‘How to withdraw money from to my bank account’ let us first look into a brief on what is

  • It is an exchange platform for cryptocurrency and is accessible by users from above 80 countries.
  • is an online wallet and is highly trustworthy. It is cheap when compared to some other cryptocurrency exchange outlets.
  • Investors can wield it in buying a!d selling several cryptocurrencies. In addition, they can store funds in their account or transfer them by using different methods like credit cards, wire transfers, or ACH withdrawals.

How to withdraw money from to a bank account:

The steps that one must incur on how to cash out on has been stated in detail below:

  1. Go to• The first step you need to perform is to go to the application of
    • Then, enter the required details to log in to the account if not done earlier.
    • Next, in the app directly visit the crypto wallet by clicking the icon which is bottom of the navigation bar.
  2. Click on ‘Crypto Wallet’:• Once the page appears, multiple choices will appear in the menu list.
    • From the various options, you need to select the button on ‘Crypto Wallet’ to move to the crypto wallet section.
  3. Choose the cryptocurrency to sell the• In the crypto wallet, a list will appear containing the cryptocurrencies owned by you and their balances.
    • For cash out to the bank account from your account you are first required to sell the cryptocurrency.
    • Once it is done, then you can cash out fiat to the bank account.
    • To start, click on the cryptocurrency you wish to sell, for example, take Bitcoin.
  4. Select the ‘Sell’ tab:• On clicking the cryptocurrency you are looking to sell, there will appear 3 alternatives i.e Sell, Buy, Transfer.
    • From these 3 options, you must select the tab on ‘Sell’, since you desire to sell cryptocurrency for fiat currency.
  5. Enter the amount of cryptocurrency to sell:• Now, select ‘Fiat Wallet’ from the provided options like Fiat Wallet, Crypto Wallet, and Card Wallet in the ‘Sell’ screen.
    • In the next step, fill the cryptocurrency amount which you are looking to sell.
    • Then, click on the fiat currency you wish to have. In case you reside in the states or the UK, you can choose ‘GBP’.
    • Finally hit the button on ‘Sell’.
  6. ‘Confirm’ to sell:• On clicking the Sell tab, a confirmation page will appear.
    • It will show up your amount, method, fee, rate, and cost of the cryptocurrency.
    • Lastly, click on the ‘Confirm’ tab to sell your cryptocurrency.
  7. Click anywhere to Continue:• Once you confirm, it will take you to the page of completion where the cryptocurrency amount which you had sold will be displayed.
    • Click on anywhere on the page to continue.
  8. Hit on ‘Logo’:Now, as you sold the cryptocurrency, you can cash out it to the bank account. For this you need to-
    • Navigate back to the home screen.
    • Next hit the logo which is at the bottom of the navigation bar.
  9. Select on the ‘Fiat Wallet’:• Under the logo section, a menu list with multiple choices will appear.
    • From the various options choose the ‘Fiat Wallet’ tab to launch the fiat wallet.
  10. Click ‘Transfer’:• On the fiat wallet page, the fiat currency list and the balances will appear on the screen.
    • In the next step, click the tab on ‘Transfer’ to initiate a money withdrawal.
  11. Hit on the ‘Withdraw’ option: From the ‘Transfer’ section you must hit the option on ‘Withdraw’ to withdraw cash from in the bank account.
  12. Choose the Currency: On tapping ‘Withdraw’, you must choose your fiat currency, the one you desire to withdraw from the bank account.
  13. Enter the withdrawal amount:• Once you choose your desired currency, it will take you to the page of withdrawal.
    • On this page, you must type the withdrawal amount of cash and also choose the bank account.
    • Note: Minimum limit of withdrawal is about USD 100.
    • Once you select the bank account, click the button on ‘Withdraw’.
  14. Confirm the withdrawal:• On the page of confirmation, all the withdrawal information will be displayed.
    • It comprises the amount, the fee, and the account where you wish to withdraw.
    • In addition to this, it also contains the method of withdrawal and its processing time.
    • Then tap the option on ‘Confirm’ for the withdrawal confirmation.
    • The withdrawal may take 3 to 5 working days to complete the transfer.

Wrapping Up:

Hence you have discovered your answer on ‘How do I withdraw money from’ as the procedure to do this is quite easy and simple if you correctly follow the steps.

In case you still face any doubt related to how to cash out of then you can directly contact the support team at for any sort of assistance.

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