How To Complete KYC Verification On Kucoin

Please login KuCoin account, click “KYC Verification” under the symbol, pick “Individual Verification”, click “Begin Verification”, then, at that point, fill in the mentioned data to finish your KYC.

Our KYC survey group will reach you by means of [email protected] solely after you present the data. In the interim, kindly note that it might take a few workdays to finish the check because of a lot of solicitations, we will additionally advise you by email assuming there are any updates, during this timeframe, if it’s not too much trouble, have confidence that the store and withdrawal are accessible at your KuCoin account.

KuCoin KYC comprises KYC1 (Basic Verification) and KYC2 (Advanced Verification). Continue to finish Advanced Verification; you will get additional exchanging benefits. Kindly affirm your data is valid and legitimate, any other way, it will influence your review result.

Kindly note that the regions featured with “*” are required. Your data can be altered before accommodation. Whenever it is presented, the data just can be seen, yet can’t be adjusted again until the survey result is distributed.

KuCoin Basic And Advanced KYC Verification

1. Kyc1 (Basic Verification)

If it’s not too much trouble, click “Begin Verification” on the Individual Verification screen, enter the KYC1 confirmation screen. Supplement individual data including your country/district of home, name, and your ID number, then, at that point, click “Present”, your KYC1 will be endorsed soon.

2. Kyc2 (Advanced Verification)

After KYC1 is endorsed, continue to finish Advanced Verification, you will get additional exchanging benefits. If it’s not too much trouble, click “Keep on getting more Benefits” to enhance the data.


  1. One ID is qualified for a limit of 3 KuCoin accounts as it were;
  2. The picture arrangement ought to be JPG and PNG. The size of the picture record ought to be under 4MB;
  3. The authentications are expected to be an ID card, driver permit, or visa;
  4. In the event that you meet issues while transferring the character data and photographs, your organization may likewise be causing the transfer to fall flat. Revive or change to another program and retry later.
  5. Kindly guarantee the declaration of character is predictable to you. Or on the other hand, we can not pass your KYC confirmation;
  6. If it’s not too much trouble, keep photographs plainly apparent. Equivocal pieces of the picture are not acknowledged;
  7. Kindly follow our prompts to snap a picture and focus on checking in the event that the message data is composed as required.

FAQs ( KuCoin KYC )

Is KYC Required For Kucoin?

KuCoin isn’t authorized to work in the states. Assuming you live in the U.S, you might be enticed to utilize KuCoin without finishing the KYC confirmation. You’d have limitations on the amount you could pull out, and how much influence you could get to.

Would You Be Able To Purchase Crypto On Kucoin Without KYC?

In spite of the fact that you can actually utilize KuCoin even without confirming your character, a withdrawal breaking point will be forced on you until you go through the check interaction. That is the reason, to utilize KuCoin completely, you must finish the KYC.

Would US Resident Be Able To Do KYC On Kucoin?

The record check process is discretionary, so individuals can exchange crypto with simply an email address. Nonetheless, as talked about above, to utilize its high-level elements, you’ll have to confirm your record. What’s more, Americans can’t do this because of U.S. crypto guidelines.

How Lengthy Does It Take For KYC Confirmation?

To do your KYC cycle physically, a financial backer necessities to visit a KRA for the administrative work or send the archives by post, this can be drawn out and will take at least seven working days.

Does Kucoin Work In Canada?

Indeed, KuCoin is lawful to use in Canada. Despite the fact that it’s not situated in Canada, it actually follows every one of the vital legitimate necessities to offer its administrations there.

How Might I Pull Out Cash From Kucoin To My Ledger?

· Log in to your KuCoin account, then, at that point, click “Resources” – “Pull out” to enter the withdrawal page.
· Once you have chosen the right token, you should add the wallet address (made out of comment name and address) and sum. The Remark is discretionary.

How Might I Really Take A Look At My KYC Status?

· You can check the situation with your KYC with either your date of birth or PAN card.
· Enter your PAN card subtleties and snap on ‘submit’.

How Would I Finish KYC Confirmation?

· Tap on the KYC symbol.
· Enter your Aadhaar Details and approve OTP.
· Verify your data and let us know not many more subtleties.
· That’s It, your KYC is finished.

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