What Is The Netspend Refund Policy In 2022?

Upon refunding the money to the original payment method, the NetSpend card will be credited automatically. Please email [email protected] if NetSpend fails to repay a pending transaction after canceling it with a merchant. NetSpend fails to refund a pending transaction after canceling it with a merchant, and you wish to raise a dispute.

Are you still waiting for a Netspend refund? Then, take help from this post to figure out what you can do to get a refund. Here is the information on how to get a Netspend refund here. The Netspend card is a prepaid debit card and corporate credit card that can be used for online shopping, in retail stores, for ATM withdrawals, and more.

Over 10 million people in the United States use Netspend because it’s easy to use and low-cost. If you need a Netspend refund, but don’t understand how to do it, here’s our handy guide to help you out.

Are Netspend’s Unauthorized Charges Refunded?

Netspend must be notified within two business days of any loss or theft of your Netspend card. If your virtual account or PIN is compromised, you will be refunded any unauthorized charges. Any unauthorized charges will not exceed $50 if they appear after that.

Netspend will cancel your card and issue you a new one if your card or PIN is lost or stolen if you fail to notify the company within that period. The loss is up to $500 if you do not inform Netspend within that time frame.

The Zero Liability Policy of prepaid debit cards with Netspend also states that you are not responsible for any unauthorized charges and transactions on your account. However, Netspend requires that you notify them immediately after losing or stealing your card or PIN to qualify for this benefit.

Does Netspend Refund Money?

The NetSpend account you closed and the refund that you received from NetSpend will be refunded to you in the form of a check. There will be a $5.95 fee deducted from the review, however.

If your account balance is below $1, you will not receive a refund check. Likewise, if the balance is below $1 after the fee has been deducted, you will not be charged a fee.

The Card Purchase Fee is also not refundable for custom cards, additional cards, or replacement cards. However, you can reach Netspend’s customer service by dialing its toll-free number 1-866-387-7363 if you have any questions about the company’s refund policy.

How Can I Get A Netspend Refund?

Unlike prepaid debit cards, Netspend cards automatically refund when a merchant owes you one. As a result, you don’t have to worry about losing a refund if you paid for a product or service with your Netspend card.

How Can You Dispute A Netspend Charge?

Netspend will give you 60 days from the date of the transaction to dispute a fraudulent charge on your Netspend account.

You must include the following details in the dispute report:-

  • Identify yourself by giving your name
  • You will need to provide your credit card number, the reason for the error, and the amount involved. 
  • Indicate when the error occurred, and the time it happened.

The Netspend refund policy states that fraudulent transactions will be refunded within ten business days if reported orally. However, if your complaint is submitted in writing, you will need to sign and send it back to Netspend within the next ten business days.

Netspend will temporarily credit your account for the disputed amount if it determines that your dispute can be investigated within 45 days. However, Netspend will not provisionally credit your account if you fail to submit a written copy of your argument within ten days.

You can file a dispute online by following these steps:-

  • You can file a dispute online by going to Netspend’s website and accessing the Online Account Center. 
  • Click on “Help.”
  • Next, select “File a Dispute.”
  • Be sure you have your PIN handy while you file a dispute.

Netspend can provide you with a written history of your Netspend card transactions upon request. You can also raise a dispute with Netspend if you do not believe there was any misrepresentation or unauthorized activity on your account after paying for the product or service.

In all of the above cases, if a service was not provided, if the product was damaged, if it was defective, or incorrectly charged, you should file a dispute to have the money refunded to you.

Netspend customer service should be contacted immediately if you find a pending transaction on your account after losing or having stolen your Netspend card. This will enable Netspend to protect your information and prevent unauthorized transactions. After your identity is verified, you’ll also be asked for your account details by a customer service representative.

The Online Account Center also provides a means of reporting a lost or stolen card under the Help tab. The card will be locked or canceled after all formalities have been completed, and you will receive a replacement card by mail. A replacement card costs $9.95.

Netspend Prepaid Cards May Have Negative Balances.

Netspend is a prepaid card that allows you to have a negative balance. In addition to reducing your account balance, this prepaid card automatically deducts your credit when you use it due to the fee assessed on it. As a result, payments could lead to a negative balance if your Netspend card balance is insufficient to cover the costs.

Netspend generally does not allow negative balances or overdrafts. However, if you have a negative balance, you must immediately pay Netspend to cover it by direct deposit or some other loading method. In addition, Netspend reserves the right to cancel your account if your card information is not updated within 60 days.

The Netspend Premier Card also allows you to receive up to $10 in purchase cushions each month for free. To cover any negative balance on your account, you must add funds within 30 days.

If you do not meet this requirement, you will receive loads and credits that will automatically cover the negative balance on your card before the remaining funds may be used to make a purchase. A negative balance on your card will prevent you from making a purchase.

How Do I Cancel An Upcoming Netspend Transaction?

The retailer typically pre-authorizes transactions on your Netspend account. As a result, Netspend versions may display a lower balance than they actually should due to pending transactions. These pending transactions are handled automatically, so you needn’t do anything. If you have excess funds on your card, you usually receive them within three days. Sometimes, they may take longer.

Call our customer service representatives immediately if you find a pending transaction that you do not believe to be legitimate. They can help you with what to do and assist you in canceling the transaction.

If, however, you no longer need the service or product for which you had authorized the purchase, you can cancel a pending transaction by contacting the billing company and asking that the transaction be canceled. Even if they haven’t shipped or processed the order, merchants may still cancel pending transactions.

A retailer may ask you to return an item after delivery if your order was processed, but the transaction is still pending. Only then can they clear the pending transaction and refund your money. Please call Netspend to discuss your situation if you believe your refund request cannot be processed.


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