Transferring Funds From One Netspend Card To Another

Here’s how you can transfer funds from one Netspend card to another as well as other ways to do this. Your friend or family member can easily spend it that day because it will appear on their card once you enter the cardholder’s name and FlashPlay ID in the Netspend account center.

We have the answer to whatever your question may be. Do you have a Netspend card and aren’t sure how to send money to it? Does your friend also have one, and you’re unsure how to use it? Are you just curious and want to know more?

Transferring money from one Netspend card to another can be a bit of a hassle, as you want to ensure the details are correct, the amount is right, and that it’s being sent correctly.

You have money in your account but aren’t sure how to withdraw it. Netspend can be confusing, especially if you’re new to it. Before you know it, you’re overwhelmed and unsure what you need to do.

Here is the easy way to send money between Netspend cards and everything else about sending money with these cards. Keep reading to find out what you need to know.

How to transfer money from one Netspend card to another?

Using the FlashPlay ID on your phone or online, you can quickly transfer money from one Netspend card.

No worries if this occurs never before, then we are here to help! Read on to find out how you can transfer money between Netspend cards.

  1. Log into your account 

You will need to log into your Netspend account to transfer money from one card to another. Your usual login credentials can be useful to access the Netspend mobile app or the Online Account Center.

  1. Obtain the other’s details

You will send money between cards once you have logged in. To do this, you will need the name and FlashPlay ID of the person you wish to transfer money to. If you do not have these details, make sure to contact them.

  1. Fill out the information

It takes only a few moments to enter the information when prompted. Double-check that all the notification is accurate before sending the money. Sending the wrong cash is the last thing you want!

  1. Please enter the amount in the box below

The last step is to enter the money you wish to transfer to the credit card. Again, you don’t want to risk having the payment rejected or overdrawing the account.

Unless otherwise specified, you should receive the money in your other account within 30 minutes. Once you have completed this step, click the send button. The payment is generally instant in most cases, and the other account will show the transfer as payment.

Other Easy Ways To Move Money Between Netspend Cards

If the person you want to send money to doesn’t have a Netspend card, let’s see what other options you have for sending money. Besides transferring funds from one Netspend card to another, there are different ways of sending money. For more information on these methods, please check out our website.

Bank transfers 

Your Netspend card and bank account can be linked so you can transfer money between them. For this to work, you must have your bank account linked to a participating account, so be sure to check with Netspend.

It’s important to note that fees are due if you transfer this money through Netspend Customer service. To avoid these fees, you’ll want to do it online or through your mobile account. In addition, your bank may also have fees, so make sure to check this before transferring funds from one Netspend card to another.


You can also transfer money from PayPal to your Netspend account, which can be used to make purchases just as you would with a credit card. Fees may apply, so review this carefully before sending any funds. The money will be in your PayPal account instantly, so you can expect it to be ready for use right away.

Pay bills online 

Your Netspend Account Number and Rotating Number can now be used to pay bills instead of mailing cheques or waiting in long lines. To get this information, go to your Online Account Center. You can pay your bills online once you have the account, just like you do with a credit card or bank account.

Union Occidentale

Western Union Money Transfers can be sent or received in over 200 countries using the Netspend Card. The fee for using this feature will depend on the bank that endorses the card and will be determined at the transaction time.

The Online Account Center offers more information on this feature if you have not found it on your card program. If you do not see this feature on your card program, you can check the Online Account Center for more information.


Enter the cardholder’s name and FlashPlay ID to send money from one Netspend card. Other options exist to transfer funds from one Netspend card to another. These are also extremely easy to do, but you should know that there may be fees based on your bank.

You must double-check your friends’ and family’s information before sending them the money. You don’t want to send money to the wrong person by mistake!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I transfer money from one Netspend card to another Netspend card?

Getting money transferred from one NetSpend card to another requires the recipient’s name and FlashPay ID. Log into your Online Account Center, enter the recipient’s name, FlashPay ID, and the amount to transfer.

How can I transfer money from one prepaid card to another prepaid card?

1. Visit an ATM that accepts your old prepaid card. 
2. If you have not already done so, apply for a prepaid card. 
3. Use an ATM.
4. Insert your new prepaid card.

How can I move money from Netspend to another account?

You cannot receive money on NetSpend from any bank account. However, you can send money via your NetSpend account to anyone with a Netspend card. This can be done by logging in to your NetSpend account and selecting the ‘Send Money option.

When can I transfer money between Netspend cards?

Transfer money between Netspend cards instantly, so you will have an increased balance if you receive cash from someone else’s Netspend card account. Netspend cards allow instant transfers between cardholders, so you accept money right away.

How do I transfer money online from one debit card to another?

1. Open the website of your bank. 
2. Log into your credit card account.
3. Select the transfer option. 
4. Enter the amount to be transferred. 
5. Fill out the required details. 
6. Follow the directions to complete the transaction.

Is Netspend money transferable to Cash App?

There is no direct way to link Netspend Prepaid Card to Cash App. Users can link their bank account or their approved card, but they can’t add a Netspend card to the Payments app to add funds.

Does the cash App support prepaid cards?

The Cash App does not support ATM cards, Paypal, and business debit cards. The Cash App supports debit and credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Most prepaid cards are also supported, but deposits to these cards cannot be processed.

My Netspend card has money on it, but how do I get it off?

You can withdraw money using a Netspend card at an ATM if it accepts Visa or Mastercard. After inserting your card and entering your PIN, you enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click okay.

How can I transfer funds from a prepaid card to my bank account?

When you log into the app or website of your prepaid card, you can transfer money from your prepaid card to your bank account. If your prepaid card does not allow transfers to bank accounts, you can use a third-party service, such as MoneyGram.

How do I transfer money from one account to another?

Check your bank’s Customer Service or Transfers section for options to add accounts, add external accounts, or link accounts. If you don’t find those (or something similar) there, log in to your account and look there. Let us know your account number and the other bank’s routing number

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