How to withdraw money from Robinhood?

You might come across the prominent trading app Robinhood which is most common among the investors while trading. Though it ranked the highest position still some users might not feel happy being not secured using the app. In such cases, you can transfer your Robinhood funds to a different account or sell the cryptos or stocks and move the money to the bank account.

Withdrawing money from an account might sometimes make you unable to complete the procedure. It will be quite tiresome in most cases so this blog is just for those users having trouble withdrawing money from the Robinhood account.

What are the ways to withdraw funds from Robinhood?

There are three methods in order to withdraw from the app of Robinhood.

  • Using website
  • iOS
  • Android

You can withdraw the money to the bank account from where you funded the same Robinhood app. If you do not withdraw then Robinhood would ask for the documents for proving that you are the owner of the bank.

What are the things to be followed before withdrawing funds?

Few of the prerequisites you need to follow before withdrawing funds on Robinhood. You will learn how and at which time withdrawal of the cash can be done from the accounts.

  • How to withdraw money from Instant Deposits?

You will find a policy on “Instant Deposits” on Robinhood. Just after you add cash to the account you can instantly from the savings and checking account. But make sure that you cannot transfer the cash out of Robinhood. You need to wait for 5 working days after adding the money to Robinhood.

  • What happens after you sell the stock?

Once you sell the stock you need to wait till the trade settles. It would take 3 working days to settle after you purchase the stocks in the US. Instant settlement is for the instant user or Gold user of a Robinhood. You can easily withdraw from Robinhood gold after selling the stocks.

  • How many withdrawals can be done in Robinhood?

In one business day, 5 withdrawals are permitted for each user. When you reach the limit then wait for the next day to again receive the 5 withdrawals limit for additional transfers.

  • How much can I withdraw from the Robinhood app after direct depositing?

You will be able to withdraw $50,000 for one working day. If the amount exceeds then withdraw in lumpsum.

  • How long does it take to withdraw money from Robinhood?

You need to wait for a month to withdraw money from the free stock that you sold. The stock received through Robinhood can be sold but need to keep the cost till 30 days and after that, you can choose to withdraw the money.

  • What happens if I switch banks?

If you choose a bank to fund the app but while moving the funds you selected a different bank then you need to go through special rules. You need to prove that you are the account holder by providing documents such as statements of your bank. If you choose to prevent yourself from such type of issue then move cash to the same account that you choose for funding the app.

  • What happens to a restricted account?

Those whose accounts are restricted cannot withdraw the money from the app. Check that the balance is not negative otherwise your account will be restricted.

How to withdraw invested money from Robinhood?

  1. How can I withdraw money from Robinhood to the bank account on the website?

When you want to close the account you can transfer the amount to the bank account.

Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • From the PC, go to the website of Robinhood.
  • Login to the account and tap on the Account tab and then proceed to the Transfers option.
  • The page will pop up, now enter the details for transferring and pick Review transfer.
  • In the “From” section type Robinhood and in the “To” section choose the bank. 
  • Tap the Submit button. Your money will be credited to the bank account after 2 to 3 working days.
  1. How do I withdraw all money from the app of Robinhood on the iOS device?
  • From your iOS, go to the account tab.
  • The icon will appear as a hamburger, just tap on it.
  • In the Menu section, click on Transfers.
  • Next click on the Transfer Money option.
  • Type the amount in dollars and click the Continue tab. In “From” pick Robinhood and then pick your bank in the “To”  section.
  • Now pick the Transfer option. The amount will be transferred to your desired bank account.
  1. How to withdraw your money from the Robinhood on Android?

The following steps that you need to follow:-

  • Click on the Account tab in the Robinhood app on the mobile device.
  • Tap on the Menu tab.
  • In the Menu tab click Transfers.
  • After that click on the option “Transfer to your Bank”.
  • Now fill the amount and in the To section type the bank name and in the From section choose Robinhood.
  • At last click on Transfer option.

It would take 5 working days to credit the amount to the bank account.

How to withdraw money from Cryptocurrency on Robinhood?

You cannot withdraw crypto money from Robinhood but you can sell and transfer the money to a bank account.

Withdrawing funds is not a hard task when you follow the procedure correctly. Also, make sure to wait for 5 working days to get the funds to the bank account

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