How to buy Bonfire on Trust Wallet

Bonfire is the BEP-20 token along with an essence blockchain of the Binance Smart Chain. It aims to develop a decentralized platform on social media for the artists to sell non-fungible tokens i.e NFTs. In addition to this, it also delivers various features for its users.

It incentivizes the investors to hold their tokens of Bonfire with a transaction fee of 10%. Out of which 5% of it gets circulated between the token owners of the Bonfire whereas another 5% is lent to the PancakeSwap pool.

Although it may squeak quite persuading, it’s a part of the tokenomics that resembles greatly the economics behind its pyramid systems.

How to buy Bonfire Token on Trust Wallet:

The steps that are involved to buy Bonfire on Trust Wallet are as follows:-

  1. Open Binance account:

    The first step that you need to wield PancakeSwap, you require to possess the BNB tokens.
    It is accessible on Binance, to initiate the process you must create an account on Binance with a cryptocurrency exchange.
    Provide the required credentials that are needed to get an account on Binance.

  2. Download Trust Wallet from the App Store:

    In the next steps, once the BNB tokens are obtained, you need to switch the tokens to the cryptocurrency wallet which could be assembled to PancakeSwap. So for this, you can download TrustWallet, a safe platform that enables its users in trading any sort of tokens in the PancakeSwap. This will be prompted to you by visiting the website of PancakeSwap.

  3. Make the required purchase:

    In the next step, you can choose the Bonfire and then purchase them by making payments through the BNB tokens. In doing this, the tokens of Bonfire will be forwarded to the Trust Wallet crypto wallet once the transaction gets approved by the Trust Wallet. 

Thus, that’s all the way that you can perform to buy Bonfire on Trust Wallet and hope you can go for it effortlessly. But still, if you get any queries feel free to contact the customer service team for assistance.

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