How to add money to Trust Wallet:

Want to learn ‘How to put money on Trust Wallet’ then here we can guide you to add money to Trust Wallet in easy steps. Even though the method involved to add a deposit in it is a bit complicated but through this manual, we have tried to express the most convenient way so that you can perform the process to deposit without facing any difficulties.

  • In Trust Wallet, there are listed different coins and thereby through it, one can deposit any cryptocurrency available on Trust Wallet.
  • In case, you do not possess Binance Smart Chain in the Trust Wallet then you need to note that, you won’t be able to buy or sell any sort of token or coin on the Trust Wallet so depositing other types of coins will be useless.
  • On every transaction, Trust Wallet charges a fee, and the fees get deducted on Binance Smart Chain.

So by performing this method, you will be able to add Binance Smart Chain on Trust Wallet. Once it is done, then you can start your buying and selling of various tokens or coins.

How to add funds to Trust Wallet from Binance Smart Chain:

The steps that you need to refer to to add money to Trust Wallet have been stated in detail below:

  1. Create an account and Sign In:

    The first step you need to do is to create an account on Trust Wallet and then Sign In to the account by providing the required credentials.

  2. Click on the ‘Smart Chain’ tab:

    Once you are signed in, click the tab on ‘Smart Chain’ on the Trust Wallet.

  3. Hit on ‘Receive’ and copy receives the address of BNB:

    Now, hit the ‘Receive’ option and further copy the recipient address of BNB.

  4. Create a Binance account and add USDT to it:

    In the next step, you must deposit USDT on it, and for this, you must require an account on Binance to deposit it in Trust Wallet.

  5. Convert USDT or any other coin to BNB:

    In the further step, you are required to convert the USDT or any other Coins to the BNB.

  6. Sign In to the Binance account and move to Wallets:

    Then, simply sign in to the account on Binance by entering the appropriate credentials and moving to the ‘Wallet’ section.

  7. Select ‘Withdraw’ and tap ‘BNB’:

    Next, select the tab on ‘Withdraw’ and then tap the ‘BNB’ option which is under the ‘Crypto’ section.

  8. Paste the receiver address and click on ‘BEP20 (BSC)’:

    In the next step, you need to paste the address of the receiver which was copied by you earlier from the Trust Wallet, and select ‘BEP20 (BSC)’ which is under the ‘Network’ menu.

  9. Enter the withdrawal amount and select ‘Withdrawal’:

    Here you must type the amount of withdrawal and then select the ‘Withdrawal’ option.

  10. Tap on the ‘Confirm’ tab:

    Finally, a new window will pop up, where you must tap the tab on ‘Confirm’. Once it is done, enter the code of confirmation which will be forwarded to the registered email address and phone number.

Note: To appear the Smart Chain Balance to Trust Wallet page may take a few minutes.
Once it has been received then you can begin to buy or sell any coins or tokens through the Smart Chain.

On making profits, then you can effortlessly withdraw the amount from the Trust Wallet to the bank account.

Bottom Lines:

Thus, that’s all on ‘How to put money in Trust Wallet’ and we hope by now you have learned to deposit or add money on Trust Wallet.

Still, if you have any queries or issues, try to contact the Customer Support service for assistance.

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