How to buy BNB on Trust Wallet?

Many of the users have faced the dilemma of BNB not being available on Trust Wallet. So in order to guide you on the issue of can’t buy BNB on Trust Wallet and to provide guidance on how to buy BNB on Trust Wallet, we have brought this page for you.

How to get BNB on Trust Wallet

Here are the steps that you must refer to on buying BNB on Trust Wallet:

  1. Download & Set Up the Trust Wallet:

    Firstly, you are required to download Trust Wallet from the Google Play Store or Apple Store depending on the device you possess in order to buy a token of Binance on Trust Wallet.

  2. Select the BNB Amount:

    Next, go to the ‘Tokens’ section and click on the ‘Buy’ option. A list of coins will appear on the screen, you must choose BNB from the available cryptocurrency list. Once you choose the Binance token, they will ask for the value you wish to buy.
    Fill in the desired amount and then click on the ‘Next button.

  3. Choose the Method of Payment:

    Now, you may need to enter the email address and sign up if not done earlier. Then you must select the payment method. Provide the details of your credit card and then buy.

  4. Buy the ‘BNB’:

    Finally, a confirmation message on the successful purchase of the Binance Token on Trust Wallet, and from now you can butyl, sell and swap cryptocurrencies from the Trust Wallet application.

Transfer BNB to Trust Wallet

At present, its seen the most adequate path to transfer BNB (Binance) Coin to the Trust Wallet is to simply create an account on the Binance and purchase BNB from Binance directly.

The exchange on Binance serves to be the most secure, safest, and convenient means in addition to that it will lend you to save the fees on purchase and transfer.

The steps to follow are:-

  1. At first, when the account on Binance has been set up and it has been verified you can purchase coin BNB by following the below steps.
  2. In the next step, navigate to the tab on ‘Wallet’ situated at the mid icon on the bottom of the page on the Binance app. Once you are on this page, a yellow color button on ‘Buy & Sell’ will appear at the top. Click on that yellow button.
  3. Now, select the option on ‘Buy Crypto’ which appears once you click on the tab on ‘Buy & Sell’.
  4. Further, look for BNB coins in the given list of cryptocurrencies.
  5. Then finalize the BNB purchase on the desired amount and move back to the Wallet section and you can see the new balance of the Binance Token.
  6. Now, once the Binance Token gets in the wallet, you can ‘Send’ BNB to the other wallet.

The steps to refer to have been stated below:-

  1. At first, navigate to the address of ‘Receive’ in the Trust Wallet account.
  2. Next, copy the address of Trust Wallet BNB.
  3. Now, paste the Receiving Address of Trust Wallet as sending address in the Binance Account.
  4. In the next step, confirm the transfer and click on ‘Send’ to the BNB Token.
    The BNB Coins will appear on the account on Trust Wallet in a few minutes.

In the same way, you can go for the steps on how to sell BNB on Trust Wallet

Why is BNB not available on Trust Wallet:

It is usually seen that users can’t buy BNB on Trust Wallet as it may not be available anymore or for some other issues.

In case, you are struggling to add BNB on your Trust Wallet but facing the ‘Not Available’ issue while you enter an amount on BNB.

The reason behind this problem may be the location of the country, ISP Blocking, or IP Blacklisted.

Some tips for Troubleshooting:-

  • You can log in to the Trust Wallet from the VPN.
  • Make sure you log in to it from some other devices like your other tablet or phone device.
  • You can also log in from different IP address.

If you still get the query on why can’t I buy BNB on Trust Wallet then you can contact its Customer Support service and get your problem solved by going for any alternatives.

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