How to buy SafeMoon on Trust Wallet?

The question on buy SafeMoon on Trust Wallet and how to do so is still a sort of risk tolerance for many investors.

So here on this page, we shall illustrate the steps that are required to be followed on buying SafeMoon.

What is SafeMoon:

Let us first look at a brief on what is ‘SafeMoon’.

  • SafeMoon is categorized as decentralized finance i.e Defi token.
  • SafeMoon which get regulates on the Binance blockchain was initiated on March 8, 2021. It marked its stability on TikTok and Twitter in the mid of April and sparked the interest of crypto investors.
  • It castigates the sellers with a fee of 10% and re-distributes half of it to other token buyers to incentivize upon holding and buying.
  • SafeMoon was formulated to address the various dilemmas that were afflicting today’s cryptocurrencies in addition to the price volatility and the bad habit of crypto investors on premature selling and hence for that the selling fee of 10%.

How to get Safemoon on Trust Wallet:

The process to buy SafeMoon is not directly straightforward. Yet with the below stated points by following it step by step you can have the Defi tokens instant.

Here we will take ‘PancakeSwap’ to be the primary exchange for the SafeMoon.

Note:- $2000 is the maximum on SafeMoon assets on the PancakeSwap.

A) Converting BNB to Smart Chain through Trust Wallet:

  1. To start with first download the ‘Trust Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet‘ application from App Store on iOS and the Play Store on Android devices.
  2. Next, launch the application and click on the ‘Create a New Wallet’ option.
  3. Then, review ‘Privacy Policy Policy and Terms of Service and tick the given box which is next to the line ‘I’ve read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.’
  4. A dozen of recovery terms will be given to you. You must note the words sequentially for safekeeping.
  5. In the next step, the app will display the 12 recovery terms non-sequentially on your screen. You must click on the terms in the correct order and once you have done this successfully you will land on the main page of TrustWallet.
  6. Now, move to the ‘BNB’ tab and select ‘Buy BNB’.
  7. Enter the amount you wish to invest in ‘USD’ and then hit the button on ‘Next’.
  8. Here it will prompt you to purchase the BNB with a debit or credit card. Hold until your purchase gets processed.
  9. Navigate to the main page on TrustWallet and you will see some BNB. Hit on ‘BNB’ and then tap on ‘More’. 
  10. On next, click the tab on ‘Swap to Smart Chain’.
  11. Finally move to the TrustWallet’s main page once again and now you can see the order on Smart Chain is done.

B) Use PancakeSwap in the conversion of Smart  Chain to SafeMoon:

  1. (For iPhone Users Only): Open Safari and then navigate to the PancakeSwap.
  2. Click on ‘Connect Wallet’.
  3. Hit on the ‘Trust Wallet’ and select the ‘Trust’ tab.
  4. Now, it will prompt you to log in to the account on Trust Wallet.
  5. Then, select ‘Connect’ on the window of ‘PancakeSwap want to connect your wallet’.
  6. In the next step, click on ‘Select a Currency’ and then enter ‘SafeMoon’ in the search tab.
  7. A pop-up message will appear, informing about the 10% fee as SafeMoon tax upon each of the transactions.
  8. Click on an icon next to the time sign on the right top corner of the screen and set the slippage tolerance to 12% as appealed by PancakeSwap and hit on ‘X’ to save and then exit from the window.
  9. Select ‘Swap’ and on ‘Confirm Swap’. The message on ‘Transaction submitted’ will be prompted on the screen.
  10. At last, tap on the ‘View on BSC Scan’ option. It must prompt as ‘Success’ which will finally prove that the conversion of Smart Chain to SafeMoon was successfully done. Then exit the PancakeSwap.

Penning Down:

Thus that’s all on ‘How to buy Trust Wallet for SafeMoon’ and we hope it’s been cleared to you. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that for any investment you make, you need to assess the risk tolerance and accordingly act upon it.

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