How to buy XRP on Trust Wallet:

In this article, we will be heading towards buying XRP on Trust Wallet. Go through these steps thoroughly to get XRP on Trust Wallet without any difficulty.

Before moving to the steps, let’s first learn what is XRP.

  • XRP is a type of digital platform that has been built for payment purposes.
  • It is a native asset on XRP Ledger, an open-source, decentralized blockchain, permissionless technology which settles transactions within 3 to 5 seconds.
  • XRP is a currency that runs on digital expense payment known as RippleNet, which is on the lid of the distributed database called the XRP Ledger.

How to perform sending XRP to Trust Wallet

Here you can buy a few starting from $50 of XRP on the Trust Wallet that can be directly stored on the secure wallet of XRP.
Trust Wallet is worthy to become a universal wallet of cryptocurrency and furnish a cautious path to store and buy XRP with a variety of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.
The steps include for adding Trust Wallet XRP are as follows:-

  1. Install the Trust Wallet App on your device:

    The first thing you need to do is to download and then install Trust Wallet App from the Play Store depending on the device you use.

  2. A 12-digit code will be provided to you:

    Once the installation has been done, Trust Wallet will deliver a 12-digit Password that needs to be noted down to access the wallet.

  3. Open Trust Wallet and search for XRP cryptocurrency:

    Next, you need to open the Trust Wallet App and then click the toggle button to search for the XRP cryptocurrency that you desire to add to your Trust Wallet.

  4. Select XRP:

    Now, once you locate XRP, click on XRP to open.

  5. Hit the button on ‘Buy’:

    You need to click the Buy button to add XRP to Trust Wallet.

  6. Enter the value that you wish to buy:

    In the next step, you must enter or fill in the amount that you desire to buy on XRP.

  7. Use the card to buy XRP and add on Trust Wallet:

    Then, by using the details of the card, you are required to buy XRP.

  8. Tap the button on ‘Continue’:

    Finally, tap the Continue button to complete the payment, and hence you are done adding XRP to Trust Wallet.

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