How to buy Kishu Inu coin on Trust Wallet:

Kishu Inu known to be KISHU is one of the cryptocurrency platforms that deliver the holders instant gifts.

On holding it in the wallet, you can make 2% on each of the transactions in the network.

At present, it has more than 100K account holders and a market hat of nearly $1.5 billion.

On this page, we shall discuss the overall process to buy a Kishu Inu coin on Trust Wallet.

Let us look into the steps in detail below:-

Steps To buy Kishu Inu coin on Trust Wallet

Step1: Download the Trust Wallet from App Store:

  • The first thing you must do is to download and then install the Trust Wallet App from Google Play Store or App Store on the mobile device.
  • Next, launch the app and create the wallet.
  • Click twice the tab on ‘Continue’.
  • Now, copy the phrase of recovery and note it down or save it in some safe place.
  • Finally, verify the phrase by hitting the words incorrect form and the wallet shall be created successfully.

Step2: Copy Ethereum Address on the Trust Wallet:

  • Once you have created the wallet, now you can receive, swap and send the cryptocurrencies.
  • In the wallet, a list of the cryptocurrencies will appear which includes ‘BNB’, ‘Bitcoin’, ‘Smart Chain’, and ‘Ethereum’.
  • Click on ‘Ethereum’ to initiate the Ethereum wallet.
  • It will display four choices such as ‘Send’, ‘Copy’, ‘Receive’, and many more.
  • Hit on ‘Copy’ so as to copy the Ethereum address on the Trust Wallet.

Step3: Buy your Ethereum on the Binance:

Note: To get the Kishu Inu coin on Trust Wallet, you have to use the Ethereum in order to Swap. As BNB cannot be wielded here Kishu Inu is accessible only on the Ethereum blockchain.

Step4: Transfer Ethereum from Binance to the Trust Wallet:

The steps are:-

  • On the Binance, click on the wallet icon from the navigation bar at the bottom.
  • Click on ‘Ethereum’ in order to open the wallet of Ethereum.
  • Hit the button on ‘Withdraw’.
  • On the ‘Withdraw ETH’ page, paste the copied address i.e the Ethereum address on the Trust Wallet.
  • Tap on ‘ERC20’ in the Network section.
  • In the next step, fill the payment value of Ethereum that you desire to transfer to the Trust Wallet in the ‘Amount’ box.
  • Finally, click on ‘Withdraw’ in order to transfer the Ethereum to the Trust Wallet.

Step5: Copy the address for the Kishu Inu to paste on Trust Wallet:

  • Navigate to the website at and look for the ‘Kishu Inu’.
  • Next, locate the section of ‘Contracts’ on Kishu Inu.
  • Then, hit on the duplicate icon to get the address of Kishu Inu copied.

Step6: Paste the Kishu Inu’s address on the Trust Wallet:

  • Go to Trust Wallet
  • Next, hit on ‘Settings’ which is situated at the right top corner of the wallet page.
  • Now, a list of the cryptocurrencies will appear which you can disable or disable.
  • Add Kishu Inu to the wallet.
  • Then, paste the Kishu Inu address on the search bar which was earlier copied by you.
  • Once you have pasted it, your coin will be shown below its search bar.
  • Select the button to enable the Kishu Inu.
  • Once you enable Kishu Inu, it will get added to the wallet.

Step7: Next, enable the DApp browser on the Trust Wallet.

This browser enables one to employ different decentralized apps.

Step8: Move to Uniswap and then swap Ethereum with the Kishu Inu:

  • On enabling DApp on the Trust Wallet, the Browser icon will be seen at the bottom of the navigation bar.
  • Select the ‘Browser’ tab to open the App browser.
  • Hit on the ‘Uniswap Exchange’ option which is under the ‘Popular’ section.
  • Next, on the Uniswap exchange, you can swap Ethereum for the KISHU.
  • For this, you must click on ‘Select a token’.
  • On next, paste the Kishu Inu Address in the search bar.
  • Further, tap the ‘Import’ button for importing Kishu Inu to the Uniswap.
  • In the next step, enter the required amount of the Ethereum that you desire to swap for the KISHU.
  • Once swapped is done, you can see the KISHU balance on Trust Wallet.

Hence, by now we hope that you have learned to buy Kishu Inu on Trust Wallet successfully. Still, for any further issues or queries contact your Customer Service team for help.

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