How to cancel a Venmo payment?

Venmo is an app helpful in transferring funds instantly making your life easier. You can split bills during lunch, pay fares for the cab, and much more. As per the latest reports, Venmo has no option for “undo” or “cancel” so the mistake made during the payment is reversed.

In this blog, we will point out a few points so that you can get the payment. But do not expect the payment to reverse by itself. Here we will discuss the topics such as – how to resolve a pending Venmo payment, how to resolve a Venmo payment someone sent you, how long you have to cancel a Venmo payment, how to resolve a Venmo payment before it happens, etc.

There are various reasons why you want to cancel the payment made through Venmo.

  • The payment was sent to the wrong account.
  • You paid the same person twice.
  • You delivered the payment to an account that does not at all exist.

Once you sent the amount through Venmo you cannot cancel or undo the option. It will just reach the recipient account. If by mistake someone has sent you a payment then you can contact the person through email or contact number.

The payment can be reversed by Venmo Support if the receiver allows for the permission and the account has enough funds available and is also in a better position.

Sometimes it might be difficult to send back the payment to the sender because of technical issues.

How do I cancel the Venmo payment that I sent?

There are sites that state the ways to cancel the payment on Venmo. If you go to the wikiHow site you will get the steps on how you can cancel the payment.

We will list here a few methods so that it will be easy for you to cancel the payment.

i) Cancel the payment paid to a wrong contact

Follow some steps then easily Cancel the payment paid to a wrong contact

  1. Click on the Venmo app

    You cannot stop the payment once you sent it. But you make a request to the support team to return back the money.

  2. Hit the Send button

    Then head to hit the Send tab.

  3. Search the contact to whom you sent the money accidentally

    Type the person’s name in the search box and click the Search tab.

  4. Click on the name from the list

    Then, proceed to select the name from the search list. The option “Pay or Request” will appear on the screen.

  5. Type the amount

    On this page fill in the same amount, you sent to the other person wrongly.

  6. Tap on the box

    You will see a box “What’s it for?”, just type the message that you sent the money accidentally and you want the money to be returned. In case you do not know the person, then try to make a humble request.

  7. Click Request button

    Now, hit the “Request” tab and enter the exact amount you lastly sent to the wrong person.

  8. Confirm the Request

    Next, confirm the request by tapping on the option. The recipient will get a message on the phone. Just tap the “≡” tab and choose “Incomplete” till the person does not approve the request. You need to have patience before reaching customer support as the other person might not be close to the phone.

    After the request is approved, the amount that you delivered will be included in the Venmo balance.

  9. Deliver a reminder

    In case it takes much time to receive the payment then you can deliver a reminder to the other person’s phone.

    Click on the ≡ and choose the option “Incomplete.”
    You need to hit the “Reminder” tab available below the request.

  10. Contact the Support team of Venmo

    After waiting for much time you did not receive any payment then contact Venmo Support. But they cannot cancel it, they can only reverse the payment if the sender and receiver have approved the permission for it. The support team might contact a third party to solve the problem.

    Click on the “≡” and choose the “Get Help” option.
    Hit on the “Contact Us” tab.
    Select from the options available “Chat With US,” “Email Us, or “Call Us”.

ii) You paid to the person who does not possess an account on Venmo

  1. Click the app to open. If the money was delivered to a phone number or email address that does not have a Venmo account. You can possibly cancel the transaction. After cancellation, you will get the money to the funding source.
  2. Click on the”≡” tab.
  3. Choose the “Incomplete” option. Select from the options “Requests” and “Payments.”
  4. Hit the “Payments” tab. You can opt to cancel the transaction only if the email address or phone number does not have a Venmo account.
    • If the person does not possess a Venmo account you will see the option “Cancel.”
    • In case you paid has a Venmo account, the name will pop up on your screen. But you sent it to the wrong person.
  5. Click the “Cancel” button. The transaction details will be cleared from the history and payment will be added to the account or card. It will take 2 working days to get the amount to the account.

Can I cancel a pending Venmo payment?

You cannot cancel a pending payment on Venmo. But there are a few tips which you can follow.

i) If you gave money to your friend two times the same payment

The following steps are to be followed:-

  • Go to the app and click the option “Pay or Request”.
  • Next step, search the user’s name of the receiver or email or contact number.
  • Type the amount in the required field.
  • Write a note requesting to return the money that you sent accidentally.
  • Now, click the “Request” tab.

ii) Sent the payment to non-user

If the payment was sent to a non-user of your Venmo account and now you want your money to be returned. Then proceed by following on Log in to the account and tap the “Incomplete” option.

iii) Fall prey to a Scam or Victim

In case you fall prey to a scam or request the person to pay you back but do not receive any response.

Write an email to [email protected] or you can also fill up a contact form. You will find the form on the app. Tap the menu tab and click the “Get Help” option and next click on the “Contact Us” button.

Make sure to get full proof details of the scam at hand:-

  • The Username to whom you delivered the payment to
  • Amount
  • Transaction Date and Time of the payment
  • User id, contact number, and email id of the someone that you paid

How long does it take to cancel a Venmo payment?

If the recipient does not approve the payment it will cancel within 3 days. You can also cancel manually if the recipient has not yet accepted the payment.

Bottom Lines

Hope, you learned how to resolve payments on Venmo. Till now it’s understood that the payments cannot be canceled once sent and received by the recipient. You need to be careful while sending money and check twice that the person’s phone number or email entered is correct. This way you can avoid sending the fund to the wrong person.

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