How to delete a Venmo account?

Venmo is an outstanding app as it has eminent services like transferring and receiving funds with an instant click. Also, you can split bills during lunch retreat or pay for cabs, etc.

Though you will get many benefits using the apps still many users might not be satisfied with the services offered. In some factors, you have already signed up but not yet used the account. The other reason may be that you want to use other apps like Google Wallet, Zelle, or Cash App for making payments. So, now you decided to delete the Venmo account but before this, you might not know how to proceed or can I delete the Venmo account. This type of query is quite common when choosing to delete the account completely. There is another question flickering how to delete the account of the deceased person.

Do not worry this article will help you just read from beginning till the end.

What to do before removing the Venmo account?

The most important point to take note of is to clear the account if any funds are available before you delete the account. You can move the funds to the original merchant or into the bank account. You need to do it by yourself as the funds do not move out to the bank account itself on cancellation. 

Contact the Venmo support team in order to access the money in case you forgot to transfer it to the bank account before closing the account.

The following steps you need to follow:-

  1. Firstly, choose Transfer Balance or  Transfer Money, which will be available at the transactions feed or you can opt to select the Manage Balance tab and click the option “Transfer to Bank”.
  2. Type the amount you want to transfer.
  3. Choose the mode to transfer i.e. Instant or 1 to 3 working days.
  4. Now confirm the details in order to transfer and click the Transfer button.

You need to settle the transactions that are incomplete before you close the Venmo account. A brief will be delivered to deal with the pacts once you try to remove the account.

How can I delete my Venmo Account?

In case you want to remove the account permanently then here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Tap on the Login buttonClick on the Login tab using the desktop web browser. Make sure that you don’t use iPhone or Android phones to delete the account because till now no such option is available for the mobile version.
  2. Go to the transactionsNext, check the transactions so that no any incomplete transactions are left out. Tap on “Incomplete” and address if anything there.
  3. Click on the balanceGo to the homepage and tap on the option “Transfer Money” and move the funds available in the Venmo account directly to the bank account. If any money is left out in the account then contact Venmo otherwise you cannot get access to it.
  4. Tap the Settings buttonNow proceed to hit the “Settings” tab.
  5. Hit to Close the AccountNext, tap the option “Close My Venmo Account” available at the Settings section.
  6. Go to the email to confirmLastly, move to the email in order to verify. After the account is deleted you will get the email of the transaction history.

How to remove the account of a deceased person?

In case a relative had expired and you are legal heir to his or account of Venmo then you can follow the following steps mentioned below.

  1. Using the computer, move to the browser and click the log in tab.
  2. Insert the Username and if you forgot the password then click the option “Reset Password”. You need to go the email and reset the password.
  3. You can also change the login details using the deceased phone.
  4. After that use the computer to delete the Venmo account.

If you are unable to get into the account then dial 855-812-4430 and provide proof of the situation. Gather the important documents so that they will be verified as the deceased has been given the charge of the digital legacy.


As you delete the Venmo account the transaction history, bank, and personal data will be removed totally from the account. In the email, you will receive the entire transaction history which you can keep as a record for further reference.

If you want to delete the account from your iPhone then it’s worth trying because you cannot proceed, only to make changes in login details you can use the app otherwise for deleting you need to proceed to the Venmo website on your computer

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