How to get a refund on Venmo?

When you are not satisfied with the app services or the transaction goes wrong and above all, you cannot reverse the transaction then opt to request for a refund from the app.

Venmo is considered an aide of PayPal, transferring and splitting bills can be easily done using this app. If you scan through the reports in April 2018, it dealt with the transactions amounting to $12 billion. Though the app has numerous advantages it lags in getting back your funds after cancellation

How can I get a Refund on my Venmo Payment?

If the product purchased is not satisfactory then contact the seller by yourself without involving third parties to request on your behalf.

In case you are unable to reach the seller or the merchant then you can write an email to the support team of Venmo. Though it’s not sure that you will get the fund back instantly but they will guide you to help with the issue.

Following points you need to gather before requesting a refund:-

  • What is the reason for the refund claim
  • Transaction’s details such as the amount and the date
  • The name of the seller
  • You need to clearly state the issue.
  • Also make sure to keep handy the documents like – the police report, receipt, evaluation of third party, etc
  • You will need to ship the product with your expenses to the merchant and take the delivery receipt as proof.

The process is quite time-consuming and not simple as it seems so you need to be patient with this.

There are two ways to ask for a refund on Venmo:-

  • Using Email.
  • Over the phone

Can I request a refund on the payment of Venmo through Email?

You can take the initiative to contact customer support in order to ask for a refund using Email.

The following steps involved are mentioned below:-

  1. Write to [email protected]
  2. You will be required to explain the issue clearly so that if you are eligible as per the policy you will get the money back. The refund will be credited to the original mode you selected while making payments.

What are the steps involved in requesting a refund on Venmo over the phone?

The other option to seek a refund request is through the phone.

Dial at (855) 812-4430 the customer team within 6 months from the time you purchased the product. Tell them what are the issues with the product and you are not satisfied so you want a refund. Once you provide all the details they will assist you with all the possible ways they can.

Refund Policy of Venmo

The most important thing in this blog is the refund policy. If the product here does not abide by the terms and policies then there are no other ways to get back your funds to the account.

So let’s sneak peek at the refund policy on Venmo.

A few of the points to be taken as a note that state refund is possible on Venmo.

 The payments can be refunded back or reversed:-

  • Venmo mistakenly sent the payment.
  • The money transferred is either reversed or declined.
  • An unauthorised payment.
  • If the payment is transacted that does not comply with the agreement of Venmo.

In case the recipient or the sender received a refund for the above-mentioned points then you get the full refund. After that Venmo will recoup from you the payment which also includes the extra fees.

Refund on Business Profiles

If an individual has a business profile and you purchase an item from them then a refund will be credited to your account. Sometimes the payment mode might not be the same as yours.

In case you have sold an item and the customer requests you for a refund, you are likely to provide the customer with the full payment and also fees and the chargeback incurred should be paid by you.

As a seller, you cannot claim the refund in that case Venmo has the right to deduct money from the seller’s profile. Sometimes you might not have enough balance on your account then it will show up as a negative balance. You can also add money from the bank account to top up the balance and to prevent the balance from being negative.

If you have decided to dispute an agreement on the Purchase Program of Venmo then the app will charge against you. In such cases go to the issuer of the card to dispute the agreement.

Chargeback Fees

While selling items on Venmo when the customer seeks the chargeback then you will be required to pay the fees for a chargeback.

Will Venmo refund money if scammed?

If the account has been hacked and you have proof that the transactions are done without your consent, you can approach with your evidence through email or phone to seek assistance from Venmo customer support. Though it is not sure that you will possibly get the refund but they will guide you in their best possible ways.

Final Point

Venmo is used by many users and there are online transactions that go on each day. So there is always a chance that you might fall for a scam. If you are still not satisfied then contact the customer team for better support.

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