Webull Fractional Shares

This blog is about Fractional Shares on Webull, can you buy fractional shares on Weibull, and does bull do fractional shares.

Your doubts will be cleared just by going through the article below.

Does Webull have fractional shares?

Yes, Webull offers fractional shares for you to purchase. You can easily purchase it at a price of $5.

If you just registered into the Webull account you can get the option to purchase the Fractional Shares right away and for the others, they can get the chance to purchase in the coming days or so.

Most probably investors that are interested in dealing with stocks in Netflix, Amazon, and Apple.

Fractional Shares on Webull

When you do not hold more than one of the company’s full shares, you have the fractional share.

If you are an investor you can purchase the stocks in fractional shares by specifying the dollar. You can easily purchase a part of it because the whole share is quite expensive.

How can I purchase on Webull the fractional shares?

Follow 4 Steps

  1. Search for the stock select the stock which is appropriate for you to buy and then hit the ticker sign.
  2. Click on TradeNext, and click the Trade tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the type of order now, go to the “Order Type” section to “Market”.
  4. Whole ShareAt last toggle the “Whole Share” to the option “Fractional Share”.

If you have difficulty in understanding then we will help you with a simple example.

The stocks in Amazon, Apple, and Netflix have bright futures and have the feeling that they will run on long-term investments.

The recent price of the company’s stock is:-

  • Apple = $136.05
  • Netflix = $532.19
  • Amazon = $3,421.97

Before the fractional shares were usable, you were required to have $4,090.21 in cash to acquire each share stock.

As some might not have enough funds to invest, because the price figure is a lot for many users.

You can easily invest in the three above-mentioned firms with any amount you choose now that Webull offers fractional shares.


Hope reading the article you got some idea on Webull fractional shares. Webull is far more advantageous than other apps for trading because the app not only trades on cryptos but also includes fractional shares. Plus you get free stocks for creating the account on the Webull for the first-time user.

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